3 reasons to run TFB PAMM in your brokerage

Author: Ivan Egorov

TFB PAMM is an asset management solution that operates based on percentage allocation. It is one of the core TFB ecosystem products, and many of our clients use it along with the Trade Processor liquidity bridge.

Today, we’d like to share three reasons why running TFB PAMM in your brokerage will benefit both your clients and yourself.

#1 Revenue diversification

Brokers that only focus on one service in 2023 are missing out on extra volumes that existing clients could be generating for them. TFB PAMM provides an alternative take on trading so a brokerage’s clientele can use it to try out new strategies.

#2 Attracting new types of clients

The TFB PAMM solution naturally attracts Investors at the beginning of their journey who are afraid to trade by themselves, as well as experienced Money Managers (MMs) who increase brokers’ volumes and become trusted partners to Investors.

#3 Risk reduction

Those who rely on one particular service, such as regular trading, put themselves at unnecessary risk. What if a competitor comes up with a powerful marketing campaign next month and lures part of your client base away? Or an external event occurs that forces Investors to lay low and not trade as much? If the livelihood of the brokerage is only centered around this one thing, it can suffer from severe financial losses and risk bankruptcy.

What’s new in TFB PAMM?

Before we sign off, let’s go through the new release of TFB PAMM.

The TFB team is constantly working on the PAMM solution, making it more robust, feature-rich, and pleasant to work with. Just recently, a new edition came out that optimised the performance even more, for example, with improved margin calculations logic.

Several new features were also introduced that would make users’ lives better:

  • User web interface improvements
  • Detailed outline of how commissions are calculated (each parameter’s value specified)
  • Added status to Money Managers (active/inactive)
  • Admins can sort MMs and Investors by a “balance operations” filter
  • Mass connection/disconnection for MMs and Investors by Admins.

TFB PAMM is a comprehensive solution that has been on the market for several years already. It includes a wide variety of features, so currently, the key focus for us is the so-called quality-of-life improvements. We add new functionality if and when it’s required for our clients. However, the most important priority, for now, is to optimise further and improve the performance, making it even more sleek and efficient while maintaining the solution’s simplicity.

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