All about the TFB monitoring system

Author: Alexey Kutsenko

Today, we’d like to talk more about the monitoring system by TFB. It is primarily used by our Trade Processor liquidity bridge clients, but anyone can benefit from it.

What is the TFB monitoring system?

The TFB monitoring system is a solution that controls the servers’ state to ensure the stability of the environment and sends notifications on specific events.

The system includes:

  • A solution that monitors over 50 different indicators of the operating system and specific MetaTrader metrics.
  • A dedicated team of technical specialists that tracks operational activity 24/7 and instantly reacts to any alert that pops up.

What exactly does the TFB monitoring system do?

Everything the system does is focused on ensuring the servers’ health and detecting potential vulnerabilities before any critical issue occurs.

  • Monitor the Windows server availability to ensure enough resources are left for the server to run uninterrupted.
  • Control the status of the MetaTrader servers to verify there are no issues on their end.
  • Receive notifications on specific events via console application, email, or Telegram messenger.

Who would benefit from the TFB monitoring system?

The TFB monitoring system was initially developed for liquidity bridge clients to help them guarantee top performance and ensure maximum availability.

Yet, any brokerage or hedge fund would benefit from having a monitoring solution tracking their environments’ health in real time.

Monitoring is often overlooked as a non-critical part of the infrastructure, yet this is a powerful way to mitigate technological risks and provide traders with uninterrupted service. Many issues that lead to server freezes and other disasters can easily be avoided if there is monitoring in place.

How to use the TFB monitoring system?

You can choose all of the indicators or just a subset of them to subscribe to.

The notification for any warning signs will be sent to you and to our dedicated technical support team, who will immediately investigate what needs to be done. Upon their analysis, they will either do something right away or contact you to discuss the next steps.

Sometimes, these notifications can help prevent server freezes, crashes, or slow performance. For example, if some of the products start to write massive logs, causing the free memory to decrease rapidly, this can result in all the problems listed above. With a monitoring solution in place, you will be notified about such occurrences before it can cause any major issues.

A proactive approach to risk management, in general, is the best bet in an industry where every mistake and outage can result in reputational loss and lead to serious problems with traders and regulators.

If you’d like to learn more about the TFB monitoring system or anything else, please email us at

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