Automation for server optimisation

Author: Ivan Egorov

We recently talked about optimising MetaTrader 4 servers, and today we are going to talk about automation tools that help optimise both the MT4 and MT5 servers.

Server optimisation should not be underestimated. If the server’s health is not monitored carefully, it can overload, causing all kinds of issues, including freezes and crashes. With the high standards of the industry today, even one such occurrence can be detrimental to a brokerage’s success.

Below are five TFB solutions that each automate and optimise the work of the MT servers using a different approach.

EOD closure plugin

The EOD (or End-of-Day) closure plugin is both an automation and a risk management solution. It closes all positions and orders on the processed accounts and reduces the workload on the server.

It is possible to close positions and orders at a certain time and specify the following:

  • Accounts and groups
  • Symbols and securities

Brokers can also close pending orders.

Account blocker

This solution blocks accounts that exceed the number of failed attempts and prevents server overloading.

The Account blocker targets users who fail to open orders due to insufficient equity within a defined time period. It is a risky case for brokers because Expert Advisors can overload their servers through countless order opening attempts.


The Archivator plugin keeps the server’s load under control by replacing old closed orders with one balance operation for each symbol.

The solution enables brokers to organise their current server data, set custom time periods for when the positions should be archived, and have easier access to the trading history overview.

Account archiver

The Account archiver application scans the server for accounts and groups that were inactive during a pre-defined time period and archives them.

The solution allows brokers to automate the process entirely and guarantees that inactive accounts and groups will not be taking up space on the server.

Daily.dat decreaser

The Daily.dat decreaser application allows brokers to archive the transaction history for specific time periods and reduce the size of the server’s database. Should the data need to be restored, the application can easily do that.

We hope this article has inspired you to automate and optimise your servers! If you have any questions or to request a trial of our solutions, please feel free to email us at

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