Client attraction and retention for brokers

Author: Albina Zhdanova

Brokerages cannot survive without traders, so client attraction and retention are naturally top priorities for all brokers.

Acquiring new clients helps expand the company, make it more resilient, and boost revenues. Maintaining existing clients allows long-term relationships to be built, saving on marketing expenses, and confirming that you provide top-level services that traders are willing to use.

But how can brokers ensure client retention and stand out from the competitors?

  • Build a flawless communication process
  • Offer a variety of services
  • Provide the best pricing possible
  • Protect traders from risks
  • Create a loyalty program

All of the above points are relatively self-explanatory, but they can be hard to achieve in real life. We have prepared a short list of solutions to help every brokerage strengthen its client relationships and acquire new clients more effectively.

The Cashback plugin empowers brokers willing to provide cashback to traders but lacking the resources to carry it out manually. The plugin automates the bonus program, adding cashback bonuses to accounts with a closed position and giving bonuses for reversing positions. The plugin works with the precision of volume up to 0.00000001 lot. As a result, brokers can satisfy their traders with the cashback option while making it sustainable on their end.

The Credit management application offers operations with credit, such as flexible campaigns for credit deposit and transfer to balance. It also monitors free margin, equity, and user balance, allowing credit withdrawal when the account reaches specified thresholds. Many traders require credit in the trading process, so providing them with an easy and secure way is vital for a brokerage’s success.

The Sharia Account plugin caters to brokers working in regions with a swap-free account policy, allowing them to easily comply with local rules. The plugin automatically withdraws the fee for each position opened and allows personalised comments to be set for the operation.

The TFB PAMM money management solution attracts traders with different experience levels and offers them a convenient way to trade their funds without substantial time commitments. Multiple Investors connect to Money Managers who then trade with Investors’ funds for a reward.

The Copy Trading Plugin MT5 is a copy trading solution that also caters to inexperienced traders and traders who do not want to spend a lot of their time on trading but would like to make a profit. The product includes APIs, allows trades to be copied across multiple accounts, and specifies different copying options for each target. Six copying modes are available, including copying by balance, equity, and free margin.

If you’d like to learn more about the client management solutions that Tools for Brokers has to offer, please feel free to email us at

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