FIX API platform: the most reliable way to set up the trading flow

The FIX API platform is a commonly used technology in financial systems. It’s responsible for delivering all trading data to the exchanges. Tools For Brokers has built an independent margin engine into the Trade Processor liquidity bridge to expand brokers’ capabilities with the software and ensure its autonomy.

Integrate with any trading platform

The FIX API allows brokers to integrate any trading platform with the Trade Processor liquidity bridge. FIX API can be configured to work with any solution, making it easy to partner with various trading platforms without spending significant time configuring the setup and ensuring a flawless trading process.

It means that if tomorrow the brokerage decides to change or add a trading platform, it is possible to execute this within a few days.

If the broker needs the FIX API connection, the Margin Engine can be used. It will be responsible for the calculation of margins, leverage, etc. - everything that is otherwise relied on by third-party platforms.

Connect your professional traders, funds, and algo traders

You can create multiple accounts and subaccounts, give special rights to your clients, and choose which LPs to connect them to. You can also create liquidity subaccounts if you have special terms with a client.

Become a liquidity provider

Another opportunity that FIX API unlocks for brokers is the ability to become a liquidity provider for their traders and other brokers.

With the help of the built-in Margin Engine, brokers can create accounts for their trades right in the Trade Processor liquidity bridge, and also see all their clients’ statistics (including margin, balance, equity, etc.) and monitor their trading process to ensure it is flawless and secure.

Sync data with MT5 and Trade Processor

For brokers working on MT5, an alternative use of the FIX APIs would be to use the Margin Engine with the MT5 account. In that case, all trading happens on the MT5 trading account’s side and the data will then be sent back to the Trade Processor for synchronisation.

Migrate from other bridges easily

The FIX API Emulator is one of the recently-announced TFB features that helps brokers move from alternative bridging solutions to Trade Processor. The new protocols allow the migration to be faster and more straightforward, avoiding the need for brokers to code or set up anything extra.

Most importantly, the FIX API emulator helps avoid trading downtime and other risks that often accompany the migration process.

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