How it started and how it’s going: the TFB strategy in review

Author: Albina Zhdanova

The best way to get through the hardest turmoil is to have well-defined plans and goals.

Tools for Brokers wants to be a leading, one-of-a-kind software provider for financial companies, ensuring fair conditions and benefits to all market participants.

We have a vision of how we want our products to work together. We understand where we want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years and what it takes to get there year by year.

Our original plan looked like an ambitious route three years ago, and today we are pleased to see the initial results, milestones being achieved, and how all the separate initiatives have shaped the company into what we want it to be.

Today we want to share with you our strategy in three dimensions.

#1 Client Care

First of all, we speak seven languages!

The comfort of our clients is one of our key priorities, and being able to speak their language makes a big difference to our relationship. As a part of our global strategy, we will be increasing the number of languages that TFB team members can speak.

Secondly, we conducted an in-depth analysis of our client list and looked at what products they are using and how often they use a particular product. We found that about 40% of our clients are using 3 or more products from TFB, with the proportion growing over the last two years, ever since the introduction of product packages that include technical support and consultancy.

Last week, we had several customer meetings in Dubai, where we collected feedback and asked clients about their goals. We wanted to understand how it feels to use TFB products from customers’ perspectives and what their daily operations look like.

Naturally, we care about all of our clients. But we are planning special care for those who’ve been with us for years, and those who are using 3, 4, 5, 6, and more products. We will be learning more about their working process and looking for ways to make their lives easier and our products more helpful.

#2 Product Development

Product-wise, the company portfolio currently consists of 5 main projects that can work independently but work best together.

Here are the key projects and our enhancement plans for them:

  • In the Trade Processor liquidity bridge, we are adding more instruments, more connections, and developing a FIX API and Margin Engine.
  • The TFB PAMM money management solution will be further optimised in terms of usability to create an informative, yet intuitive interface for Investors.
  • For BI Reporting, the focus is on expanding and upgrading regulatory reports.
  • The TFB Tool Box is a unified project to operate with all TFB plugins and add-ons for the MT4 and MT5 platforms. It was released just recently, and we are currently working on adding more functionality and usability.
  • White Label (WL) by TFB is a combination of the solutions we listed above, including renting MT4 or MT5 to build a hedge fund or brokerage. So the WL will be improved along with the rest of the portfolio.

As you can see, we are distancing ourselves from the one-plugin provider image. Now, all of the tools and solutions are part of one system.

Product development is also being treated differently from now on. If we get a fantastic idea from our clients, we will be adding it to our roadmap and developing it free of charge.

#3 Team Management

The TFB team grew to 130 employees across all our offices, making it apparent that the crucial aspect of future success lies in every team member and the company itself being an excellent match for one another.

To ensure and achieve that, the company should provide the environment, the instruments, and the security for everyone to perform their best and achieve their goals. That will eventually bring the company to a new level and improve the products and services.

Internally, we have defined growth zones, agreed on the internal educational lectures and practices, as well as language lessons.


There are so many processes that have been started already and changes we’ve made towards our vision.

We are hopeful and excited to see how our most loyal clients and partners will feel the effects of those changes soon!

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