iFX International catch-up: Everything you need to know from the latest iFX Expo in Cyprus

Author: Petros Kalaitzis

There’s nothing quite like an expo! In the span of just a few days, we get to meet countless amazing peers and experts, learn about the latest industry trends and beyond, be inspired, and have a great time, of course!

The latest iFX International, which was hosted in Limassol, was no different. The TFB team gathered many valuable insights, and we’re ready to share some of them with you in today’s article.

#1 AI, AI, AI

This probably won’t surprise you, but AI was once again the hottest topic of the Expo. For a while, it looked like artificial intelligence could turn into another buzzword, like Web3, but thankfully, it’s avoiding that fate.

Everyone in the industry is looking for ways to use AI to their and their clients’ advantage. At TFB, for example, we’ve implemented an AI assistant in the Trade Processor liquidity bridge. The assistant helps clients learn more about the solution at their own pace and make adjustments to their settings to adapt to changing market conditions more rapidly. The AI is still learning, but we’re already receiving positive feedback from clients.

Similarly, many companies across all areas of trading and fintech are implementing AI or considering it in the near future. It’s true that many AI integrations right now are more of a marketing move than a real value to end-users, but that’s only because it’s still early days of implementing AI in client-facing services.

Based on what we’ve heard and seen over the past few expos we’ve attended, specifically iFX International, the industry is taking AI seriously, and we will see many notable examples of AI use in the coming years. 

#2 Prop trading firms are alive and well

Despite the turmoil early in 2024, prop trading companies are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While there is still some turmoil with regulators and other concerns, the industry is growing steadily. We’ve met several clients and prospects in the field, and everyone has shared a positive outlook for the future. As regulations continue to evolve and become stricter, there will probably be some complications to the prop trading firms’ operations. Still, market players are ready to make the changes  in order to comply, ensuring the security and longevity of their businesses.

#3 Risks are still risky

There’s hardly any exhibition that doesn’t center around risk management solutions. By nature, the trading world is aggressively risky and demands constant focus and updates to risk management strategies. A few months ago, everyone was talking about multiplatform operations as the latest risk management trend (by the way, Trade Processor supports MT4, MT5, cTrader, Match-Trader, and DXTrade). Last week, exhibitors and visitors discussed the accessibility of risk management solutions. Just like we have built-in tools in our liquidity bridge, many more companies are considering switching to an all-in-one approach where they won’t have to develop and install multiple tools and worry about compatibility but instead get a single software product that meets all their needs.

#4 A drop in the number of startups persists

If the iFX International is representative of industry trends, the startup boom is behind us now. Throughout the Expo, most companies we had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with were already established businesses. Last year, considerably fewer startups and aspiring brokers were present than in 2022, and the situation is the same again this year. It’s hard to say whether there are fewer new companies being launched or if they’re simply choosing not to attend the expos, but the drop in the number of startups is undeniable. We’d be curious to hear from you. If you have any insight or ideas as to why this is happening, send us an email at sales@t4b.com with your thoughts.

General overview

Overall, the Expo was a definite success. iFX expos generally attract a lot of attention, but this particular one had an outstanding turnout. The venue was packed every day, and attendees were buzzing nonstop, networking, discussing potential and ongoing partnerships, and finalising deals. All educational sessions and panel discussions drew a significant crowd and were entertaining and educational at the same time. It was a great experience, and we look forward to the next exhibitions.

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