Latest releases at TFB

Last year, we worked both on improving TFB’s existing solutions and introducing new products.

Today, we will share some of the new releases that happened towards the end of 2022 that you may have missed.

Trade Processor

Trade Processor is TFB’s flagship liquidity bridge. It is constantly evolving and being upgraded to keep up with the latest needs of our clients.

With the latest edition, MT5 clients will have access to the Trader’s deal accumulation feature.

It is essentially a summary of trading details for traders that aims to:

  • Reduce the number of disputes with data transparency.
  • Help clients find information faster without having to reach out to the support team for help.

Transparency and clarity are top priorities at TFB, and we hope that this new feature will help traders and brokers further enjoy the trading process.

Additionally, minor changes were introduced to the liquidity bridge:

  • A new LP Execution column was added to the Trading History tab to provide even more data for brokers to work with.
  • Small improvements were made to the user interface (UI) for a smoother experience.
  • Several features were renamed to make the solution more intuitive.
  • New markup types were added to allow brokers more flexibility with different client types and situations.

TFB Toolbox

The TFB Toolbox is a multi-component product in the form of a web interface. It is designed to simplify TFB’s plugins and application management for brokers. Those using multiple TFB plugins can now work in a single console where all solutions are displayed.

The TFB Toolbox is like an admin portal for clients where they can make changes to configuration and manage their TFB portfolio at their own pace.

From the latest edition of the TFB Toolbox, clients can request logs that will be delivered to each client individually. Logs will be sent in the archive format to ensure that the use of space is optimised.

Swap Free application

The new Swap Free application was created in response to clients’ requests.

The solution combines the functionality of two existing products - the Sharia Account plugin and the Delay Swap Changer. With it, clients can comply with Islamic regulator requirements with the help of balance operations (used instead of swaps). Those outside Islamic jurisdiction can set up multiple rules and enjoy flexible swap settings.

Additionally, the Swap Free application enables role-based access to strengthen security and ensure uninterrupted service.

With regards to fees, the Swap Free charger handles them based on the predefined period. The fee operations include fee synchronisation, long and short handling charges, and fee charging.


Last but not least, we’d like to highlight the recent changes to TFB PAMM.

TFB PAMM is an enhanced asset management system that works via percentage allocation. The solution helps brokers expand their client base by attracting experienced traders (Money Managers or MMs) and first-time traders (Investors) who would like to get assistance with their trading activities.

With the latest release, a number of features were added or improved to ensure that whoever uses the product has the best experience with it.

  • Investors can now see how much profit they received from the MM’s closed order.
  • The new transfer operation enables the withdrawal of money from one account and deposits it in another.
  • The margin level parameter was added.
  • Disconnecting Investors will now see their Equity and Disconnect equity parameters to prevent discrepancies.
  • Money Managers can see new free margin and margin level parameters.
  • The tick filter setting prevents receiving incorrect quotes and protects Investors.
  • The MetaTrader (MT) servers can be hidden on demand, and users can see the server’s status (online or offline).
  • TFB PAMM reports can now be configured to include or exclude all open orders in the report.

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