What are the latest broker trends in APAC? iFX Expo in Bangkok recap

Author: Han Ong

On June 20-22, the TFB team was able to attend one of the main finance expos in the APAC region, and Ivan Egorov, the Global Head of Sales at TFB, participated in the panel discussion on tech trends in the online trading that you can watch on iFX expo's YouTube channel.

iFX events are always vibrant, content-rich, and bring top professionals together, so they are naturally the perfect place to identify and watch the latest trends unfold.

Today we'll go through the key tendencies that we've noticed and believe will shape the finance industry in APAC (and possibly worldwide) in the coming years.

#1 Prop trading business getting traction

We touched on prop trading on our blog a couple of months back. Many companies, from startups to well-established brokerages, are now tapping into prop trading, and many Asian brokers are leading the trend.

Prop trading companies offer traders challenges, providing them with trading tools and an opportunity to show off their trading skills. This business model helps brokers put their names out there and build brand awareness, but, more importantly, it enables them to gain new clients and grow volumes.

#2 Renewed interest in MT5 main label services

Last year's decision by MetaTrader to halt MT4 and all White Label offerings has opened the door to an MT5 main label service that is in high demand in the APAC region. Both traders and brokers are adapting to the new norm and are eager to give the new service a try, hence the growth in interest and implementations. As MetaTrader seems unlikely to revert its decision, the main label offer will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity.

#3 AI is imminent

Artificial Intelligence technology is entering every aspect of our lives, and the brokerage world is no different.

Traders, brokers, market makers, regulators - everyone is looking for ways to utilise AI technology to their benefit. We already see AI being used in brokers' live chats, risk management, and even sales.

APAC is traditionally very progressive regarding the adoption of new technology, and we've seen many signs that the region will be leading that trend in the finance field.

#4 Focus on decentralisation

Decentralisation and blockchain were definitely the buzzwords during the expo, but they represent a big systemic shift. Brokers realise just how potentially dangerous it is to rely on hub-based technologies where they have no visibility into or control over what's going on inside the technology they use daily.

During the expo, the TFB team was approached by many brokers curious about the Trade Processor liquidity bridge, which is decentralised and provides brokers with full visibility into their processes, giving them the power to change and adapt their settings and configuration.

Clearly, the market has changed, and companies demand new types of technology that they understand, can influence, and make their own. And when it comes to core technology, such as a liquidity bridge, it will be among the first solutions affected.

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