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Broker Business Intelligence

Broker Business Intelligence (BBI) is a reporting and risk management tool servicing a broad spectrum of applications. Designed to provide complete, yet concise information about infrastructure and history, without any possibility of direct intrusion into the platform routine. The product is available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

This product targets a wide range of decision-maker professionals, who operate in the FOREX market. BBI will be useful for compliance managers, dealers, risk managers, accountants, and marketers. Graphical and tabular data can be used to generate reports for investors, and in working with traders to support their position.

Money Management Supervising

General Overview is a clear and detailed representation of your trading activity. There are control indicators, such as average volume, overall profit, duration, total deposit, total profit and so on. These values make it easier to determine client type, and visual diagrams are tools for in-depth analysis. Benchmarks are not just limited to a client’s portfolio. Some of the parameters are calculated individually for each order, for example, Balance_percentage. All data are analyzed via two key trading criteria: profitability and volumes. As a result, you get a visual display of 8 core benchmarks and trading results in 16 different graphs.

BBI backs operation with multiple servers. New server connection is very quickly. Data for analysis can be processed from all connected servers at once, or each server’s performance can be evaluated individually. BBI collects and stores data from the first initial trading activity. Also, query any specific time period that is of interest. All data and reports exports to Excel. Charts and graphics are available in pdf format. It allows for easy report sharing among colleagues and utilization of data in any other material.

Customized & Regulatory Reporting

Our flexible reporting engine provides an ability to retrieve data with very high precision. “Custom Reports” function enables individualized reporting. BBI provides five integrated rules-templates, which shed light on to the most sensitive areas of business. Additionally, the product contains 19 filters which are crucial search parameters. Using these filters will significantly cut down your time, as they explicitly design for rapid data organization. Customized filtration parameters can be achieved by combining filters, which will generate individual reports that are unique to your specific interests. This section contains objects which will find the most valuable clients, identify successful and loser traders and monitor their progress. It will indicate which deals should be A or B-book.

“Fixed Reports” provides two regulatory reports: “Capital Adequacy” and “End of Day report”. Using report planner allows for scheduled report generation for the future, while also pulling retrospective reports at the same time. In the nearest future, the number of available reports will increase.

Risk Management Facilities

BBI provides a truly unique risk management toolkit, which will be indispensable for trading success. "Alert and Warning” informs you about critical events. Notifications appear not just within the system, but also in your email as well. BBI connected rules and filters are also available but can be used here as a part of the notification system. Manage the privacy rules to refresh your critical events regularly. A specific server can also be selected for individual calculation indicators and metrics. Analysis of retrospective data is running in parallel with immediate, by the minute alert of any event.

Customized rules allow for processing of crucial reports, such as reports of abnormal activity and external data analysis. Identification of suspicious activity on platforms is coupled with an ability to take immediate action to ensure security during trading. A toxic user can be placed into "read-only" mode while remaining active in the group. It helps to prevent unwanted events and reduce potential losses. Instant snapshots of customer's trading history are available, and their trading process represents visually. Because it is possible to monitor statistics of individual users, this data can be used in traders' unique areas, which provides a valuable addition to your suggestion.

“Cluster Summary” section is used to analyze exposure to groups, united by some arbitrary general selection criteria. This page will show trending symbols, and those symbols yielding the highest profits for clients, and thus help control client activity in specific groups.

In "Settings”, built-in access controls can be defined to allow working on external pages, groups, countries, and servers. This function allows for selective access among departments of a brokerage firm. For WL, this will promote a comfortable interaction and sharing of available resources.

Maximum usability and functionality

In our work, a client’s time is one of the highest priorities. That is why our product is designed to use instantly. A customer can have a general overview of his infrastructure and a multitude of essential parameters in hand after installation.

There is no need for additional applications to work with BBI. It is as simple as opening the product in a browser. All of BBI’s main features are available from any mobile device at any time. An intuitive, logical interface provides the simplicity and user-friendliness of the product. All metrics are easy to understand, and the report creation process is simple and straightforward.

BBI users back by a 24/7/365 customer support service for quick and easy resolution of any needs. A great starting point is a more cost-effective BASIC version or the product, currently as well as available in the Tools For Brokers Gold Package.

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