Reporting and Server Data

External and internal reporting, server data collection, and monitoring help not only keep your business afloat but also flourish. Real-time monitoring will keep you in the loop and help you act quickly. Internal reports will show where your operations are performing the best and where there might be room for optimisation. External reports will keep your brokerage compliant with regulatory requirements.

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JFCA automated reporting system is a product that allows brokers to get reports of six different types with all required parameters on a daily basis.
  • comply with the regulation
  • monitor server(s) data
  • considerably save time and resources
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Report Application is an application that generates reports in .xlsx format, with an option to set the dates of important economic events and multipliers for the specified trading symbols.
  • Uncovered customer positions – open positions
  • Accrued Receivables – accumulated debt
  • Result Risk Count – resulting risk report
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Password Strength Plugin is a plugin that allows checking the password of МetaТrader 4 user for:
  • complexity (on the password’s changing)
  • expiration date and time
  • match of the new and old passwords

The plugin stores the password creation time data in SQLite database.

Platform: МetaТrader 4
Execution Report Application is a powerful system with FIX API support that collects transactions data from Trade Processor and generates reports in XLSX format which contain the following data on every transaction:
  • LP execution time in milliseconds
  • Trading platform execution time in milliseconds (full execution time)
  • Slippage in pips (the difference between the request and execution prices)

Thus, Execution Report Application gives brokers an opportunity to analyze and compare the execution on their liquidity providers to:

  • provide clients with fastest possible execution
  • minimize the slippage
Login Log Parser is a plugin that saves the history of users authorization into the remote database.
  • access to manager journal which otherwise would not be allowed
  • securing MetaTrader server from loads (due to the remote database)
  • saving your time on data processing (due to getting only specific data)
EMIR Report Application is a must for brokers regulated by EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) as it generates EMIR transaction reports on a daily basis automatically.
  • trades list – includes the information about transactions
  • users list contains the information about users
  • prices list contains daily instrument closing price
Quote Sessions Importer is an application for МetaТrader 5 and МetaТrader 4 that imports the time intervals of symbol sessions from the source Excel file (of .xlsx format) into the corresponding МetaТrader server. The product is quite useful as it automates symbols data uploading.
EOD (End-of-Day) report is an application that generates daily reports at a specific time. The report contains the following data on all trading accounts on the server for the last 24 hours:
  • deposits/withdrawals
  • profits
  • commissions

The application is a must-have for every broker who needs to provide the regulators with all necessary reporting data.

FFAJ Reports is a solution that includes a plugin which collects the data from the server and an application which generates reports of two types required to comply with Financial Futures Association of Japan. Essentially, the product:
  • stores MT4 information about trades, orders, positions in DB
  • automatically triggers and generates reports
  • automatically distributes and converts information to FFAJ recommended format.

Thus, the application allows you to:

  • provide the regulatory organization with all necessary information in all necessary formats
  • be more reliable for your clients as a compliant company
Copier Excel is an application that imports trading history from an external Excel file to MetaTrader. It performs as follows:
  • uploads the data from the source file (of .xls or .xlsx format) to a trading account
  • arranges the uploaded data as a trading history of the account

The product is useful when the broker needs to automatically create a trading history of an account.

Platform: МetaТrader 4
T4B Monitoring System controls the servers state to ensure the stability and sends the notifications on specific events.
  • monitor Windows server availability, consumed RAM, CPU, etc
  • control the status of Meta Trader servers
  • receive notifications on the specific events via console application, e-mail, and Telegram messenger
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Daily.dat Decreaser is an application that archives transaction history for the specific period to decrease the size of MetaTrader 4 database.
  • filters MetaTrader 4 database leaving only the information on the specified groups, accounts, and time period
  • divides MetaTrader database file daily.dat into parts
  • restores the original daily.dat file by merging the parts back if needed
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Account Marker is an application that shows a broker the activeness of all trading accounts on the server.
  • checks the trading accounts data
  • changes the color of inactive accounts
  • considers account's balance when selecting inactive accounts
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Archivator is a plugin that reduces the load on the server by replacing old closed orders with one balance operation by each symbol. By doing this, the product allows to:
  • organize current server data
  • set the specific time period for which to archive the positions
  • view trading history considerably faster
Trading Volume Calculation is an application for МetaТrader 4 that calculates total volume in USD traded by symbol and downloads the calculation results as a separate .csv file. Thus, the product is:
  • helpful for reporting
  • precise in calculations
  • perfect to save a great amount of brokers time
Platform: МetaТrader 4
Account Archiver is a console application that checks the accounts and groups and, if any of them were inactive for the specified period, it sends these accounts to the archive. This product is vital for brokers who would like to automate the following procedures:
  • detecting the trading accounts inactive for the specified period
  • archiving such accounts
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