What’s new in TFB PAMM? Parameters, interface updates, and more

Author: Baiana Kashaeva

TFB PAMM is a solution designed to enhance asset management, help brokers attract a different type of clients, and empower Investors to trade actively with the help of experienced Money Managers.

How does TFB PAMM empower brokers, Investors, and MMs?

TFB PAMM has a vast range of functionality that benefits both brokers and users. Its user-friendly interface makes trading and investing easy and allows brokers to manage it efficiently.

Investors have access to a lot of information about Money Managers (MMs) and the trading process, assuring them that the process is secure and reliable. Money Managers have an intuitive tool to work with and a fair profit allocation system that keeps them profitable. As a result, more Investors and MMs sign up for TFB PAMM services, making the ecosystem more active and successful.

What is new in the latest TFB PAMM edition?

TFB PAMM’s team is always working on introducing powerful new features and enhancing the existing functionality to improve the user experience and the solution’s performance.

Here is what was added to TFB PAMM in the latest update:

  • The Investor’s screen has been improved to visualise more elements, and new data was added.
  • Investors can now see how much profit they received from the MM’s closed order via the Remain profit parameter.
  • A new transfer operation has been introduced, enabling the withdrawl of money from one account and depositing it in another.
  • The margin level parameter has been added, and its calculation is aligned with MetaTrader’s formula.
  • Disconnecting Investors will now see their Equity and Disconnect equity parameters to ensure there are no discrepancies between the two numbers.
  • Money Managers will also see new margin parameters: free margin and margin level.
  • The tick filter setting will prevent receiving incorrect quotes and protect Investors.
  • The MetaTrader (MT) servers can be hidden on demand, and it is now possible to see what MT servers are online and offline.
  • TFB PAMM reports now have the option to include or exclude all open orders in the report.

All improvements and enhancements are introduced with a key goal in mind – TFB PAMM needs to be an empowering solution, no matter who uses it. Brokers, Investors, and Money Managers have to have access to important information, be able to set up the system the way they prefer, and make it worth their while.

You will find more useful articles about TFB PAMM on our blog. If you’d like to get a free trial of TFB PAMM or ask any questions about this and other TFB solutions, please feel free to email us at sales@t4b.com.

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