Secure, multi-part modular system
Which combines a risk-free liquidity bridge
and market making order pool
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Universal solution for MT4 and MT5 works with forex and cryptocurrencies.
Three levels of access for users and managers of the system.
Connectivity with multiple liquidity providers and options for several unique sessions with one provider.
Transfer orders and symbols between А-book and B-book as needed for particular traders.
Change gateway settings through the web interface for maximum convenience.
Automatic switching to available liquidity if a provider's connection is broken.

about trade

Trade Processor (TP) is a system that enables brokers to bridge their trading to multiple liquidity providers, manage risks and collect data via a simple and useful web UI with the possibility to:

Collect statistics from multiple servers, analyze it, and divide
into A-book, B-book (optional), and C-Book (hedged);

Switch the orders/positions on-the-fly between liquidity providers and brokerage models;

Secure the trading process by setting a backup liquidity provider
for cases when the initial liquidity provider is unavailable.

Our system supports connections to a wide range of liquidity providers with powerful performance capability and secure data delivery.
It answers the demand of dealing specialists, allows modeling work within a White Label environment WL and is customizable to a brokers needs.

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

and Statistics

TP provides full and comprehensive data on orders distribution and trading activities:

In the Dashboard section, you can view a summary of your server(s) and running statistics of exposure on separate servers and brokerage models, with customizable frequency;

Orders section shows any necessary details of all trades with options to show or hide any columns, and export any data;

Accounts page shows data on each trading account on your server(s) that includes such crucial data as floating profit, reserved margin, margin level, etc.

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As a bridging solution, Trade Processor can be used for different purposes depending on an enterprise. The main ones are:

Bridging to multiple liquidity providers, with an option to establish several connections to the same LP which allows filter execution of each connection for specific customers, instruments, and orders types.

Switching the trades between the liquidity providers which is a highly efficient risk management measure for periods of increased volatility with the financial result of switching shown on the page as well.

Routing configuration which enables you to set an unlimited number of rules for placing orders at different liquidity providers, or to set a broad general rule for groups, and then add more focused rules for individual trades.

Aggregation of trades with an option of execution on different liquidity providers

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System Safety

A reliable and elaborately designed system, TP allows you to control all operational processes. Thus, it is easy to detect and troubleshoot any possible problem within a few minutes and ensure safety for:

Trading process: in case of a disconnection with your initial liquidity provider, the system automatically redirects trading to your backup provider;

Modules operation: the system’s modules can be run on any machine which guarantees fail-safety for all of your MetaTrader 5 servers; these also connect directly to the server(s) which significantly increases the stability and security of the system as a whole;

The entire infrastructure: the systems of event logging and server monitoring enables the broker as well as our support team to get notifications on the important server events and to take immediate measures when necessary.

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