Trade Processor

Secure, multi-part modular system, which combines a risk-free liquidity bridge and market making order pool.
Broker Business Intelligence
Trade Analytics
& Statistics
Multi Liquidity, Feeders
& Routing Configuration
System Stability
& Safety
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About Trade Processor

Trade Processor (TP) is a secure, multi-part modular system, which combines a risk-free liquidity bridge and market making order pool. It is a unified solution comprised of micro-services, each performing its function. This product will be in demand among departments of dealer specialists as well as brokerage firm executives. TP provides an outstanding ability to collect and analyze trading statistic, as well as monitor reporting notes, groups and orders on A book / B-book.

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Can be used with both FOREX
and crypto-currency trading.
Integrated with MT4 and MT5 platforms.
Rapid access to key trading information in real-time.
Display of running broker profit in the selected currency.

Trade Analytics & Statistics

The ‘Dashboard’ section presents general trade information. The ‘Overview’ page provides the three primary indicators: Opened Orders, Total Volume, Users, as well as the bar-chart of the broker’s Total Profit on deals. Trade activities put on A-book, and B-book models are presented separately on self-titled pages. ‘A-book’ page offers information on every connected liquidity. The ‘Total’ page shows a running summary of two models. Each of the three pages contains a detailed graphic representation of volume and profit by symbols, as well as by important seven trading criteria in the table provided below. Additionally, data can be pulled from each server separately, or as a summary from all connected servers. Information is updated every second. Update frequency is adjustable and can be more or less frequent, based on user preference. Thus, the broker receives full and comprehensive information about the distribution of order flows and trading activities overall.

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In the section ‘Statistics’ data is presented in tabular form. Users are able to modify the table by adding or excluding criteria columns, with the help of ‘Column Visibility’ function. The function holds 32 criteria, which allows for maximum detailed reporting. TP allows collecting data based on unique integrated parameters that are not available on a trading platform. For example, Open / Closed secondary orders, Open / Closed slippage, Open / Closed request price and many others.

This section, also makes it possible to analyze data from one specific server, which is shown by the functional features of MT4 and MT5 platforms. Trade Processor fully supports these two trading platforms. While toggling between MT4 and MT5, the system automatically adapts; thus no additional user action is required. When a client works with data from MT4 server, the system displays two pages ‘Open Orders’ and ‘Closed Orders.’ In the case of MT5 server, the user will see ‘Position’ and ‘Deals.’

Data tables can easily export to CSV, Excel, PDF, copied to Clipboard, or directly printed out. It allows for easy report sharing among colleagues and utilization of data in any other reports.

Multi Liquidity, Feeders & Routing Configuration

Configuration settings for multi liquidity, feeders, and orders routing are defined by the user in the 'Configuration' section. TP allows an unlimited number of liquidity provider connections. As an initial step, while working with the system, the user should establish a list of liquidity providers, each holding their settings, configured on the server. In TP, all liquidity parameters, feeders, and connections are set in the web interface.

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‘Global’ page allows for the selection of more detailed and individual configuration parameters, and useful strategy for configuring the order flow. The system has four built-in filters: Group, Account, Symbol, and Volume, a volume is defined as an interval. Using these four filters will allow the user to set an unlimited number of rules for placing orders for liquidity. Every time a new order arrives at Gateway, the system checks it against the rules and redirects to the specified liquidity. Rules swap by dragging and dropping. It is enough to set a broad general rule for groups, and then add more focused rules for individual orders and prioritize them above the broad. The system will execute the rules according to the specified order of prioritization.

TP allows specifying as many connections as necessary for the same liquidity. Settings for each of the connected liquidities are implemented based on described above built-in filters, and additional parameters. The system supports partial execution and can be turned on and off for specific types of orders and customers. B-book allows for one liquidity, which characterizes the work with this particular model. Also, in the event of a broken connection with one specific liquidity provider, incoming orders will be automatically redirected to an available liquidity provider (backup liquidity).

TP enables to switch the order flow from one liquidity to another. It can be done by setting the built-in filter on the 'Switch' page. The following parameters configure the filter: Current LP, Source LP, Symbol, Accounts, and Groups. From the list of accounts received through the use of the filter, you can select all or several from them to switch from A-book and B-book and back.

TP facilitates the user to manage quotes through the feeder settings. The principle of working with them is the same as with liquidity. To create rules for working with feeders the following list of filters must be used: Symbols, Ask Markup, Bid Markup, Markup type, Spread. It allows for the creation of an unlimited amount of rules. They anable configuring the flow in such a way that different feeders will be quoted from various suppliers. It permits TP to use for working with crypto-currencies and currency pairs simultaneously, separating these trading activities.

TP offers unique capabilities for the brokerage firm to expand its operations and create exclusive offerings for those clients who want to work with crypto. The combination of using integrated filters and customized rules allows the broker to control the flow of orders with maximum flexibility and formulate his operating policy for each trader individually.

TP allows for management of configured files directly from the web interface. It will enable the user to create adjustments in the configuration of liquidity, feeders and the Gateway itself (except for root settings) in a text editor while working in a browser on a remote computer or mobile device. When editing files from the web interface, on ‘Edit Files’ page, the system automatically creates backups that allow the user to revert to the previous version of the file at any time.

System Stability & Safety

TP supports all execution modes and order types existing in MT4 and MT5. The system automatically adapts as it switches from one platform type to another. TP’s intuitive interface makes working with the system fast and efficient. No additional databases or proprietary components are necessary for the installation of MT5.

All components of TP can run as a Windows service, which significantly increases the reliability of the system as a whole. Selective access rights to use and management of this product also plays a crucial role in its safety of operation.

The system distinguishes three types of users: administrator, manager, and observer. An administrator is granted full access to management of the system. A manager has no access for viewing or editing files directly, or ability to add new liquidity and feeders. An observer is only able to work with ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Statistics’ pages.

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Due to the built-in control system inside TP the product offers total control over all operational processes. Predictions of any potential problem and troubleshooting are possible within minutes. RabbitMQ technology guarantees all data delivery with no crashes. In case of any connection difficulties between any system components communicating via RabbitMQ, all your activity is recorded, and all your data will be completely safe.

Gateway for MT5 is not a plug-in, but a portable application. A broker can select the server for Gateway installation. The client can establish two Gateways on two separate servers to balance the load. Therefore, it is not ever possible, under any circumstances, for Gateway to drop the MT5 server. The product allows you to create a liquidity backup directly at Gateway and server level. With TP, the connection is direct, which significantly increases the stability and security of the system as a whole.

TP is designed in such a way that it is possible to model work with WL. The broker does not need to install any additional plug-in or application on his server. It is enough to create several Gateways and transfer only specific WL groups. TP allows for installation of a separate system interface for each WL. It will be able to connect with liquidity providers directly, implement all the settings and see statistics. WL can also utilize connected filters and create rules for working with liquidity and feeders.

TP is fully compatible with all other Tools For Brokers products. For maximum efficiency, we recommend the use of this product in combination with our solutions Copiers and Asset Management. All TP users are provided with 24/7/365 technical support. Our specialists are ready to help you install the product, as well as answer any questions related to its use. Tools For Brokers gives a free trial to learn the product and its capabilities.

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