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Ecosystem of our products

All businesses face daily risks. While we cannot avoid them all, a robust risk management strategy can save a broker money, time, and reputation. We provide an ecosystem of products, each designed to target and mitigate certain types of risks.

Liquidity Bridge

A bridging solution plays an integral role in any risk management plan as its performance has a direct effect on the trading process.

Liquidity Bridge by TFB can be hosted in the cloud or installed on the customer’s site. It provides Advanced Aggregation to reduce aggregation expenses, Volume Consolidation to minimise net exposure at liquidity providers and cut costs on swaps, has an automated A/B-book switch that hedges risks during high volatility, and supports a Backup LP function for uninterrupted trading.

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Data monitoring & reporting

Data is everything today. Yet, it’s not enough to simply have the data, but it’s necessary to analyse and adapt it to your strategy. Our data analysis solution allows brokers to:

  • Use real-time alerts to track any abnormalities
  • Run regulatory reports to avoid penalties and internal use reports for analytics
  • Stay on top of global events with a built-in economic calendar
  • View large amounts of data via a user-friendly interface
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Plugins & applications

A wide selection of plugins and applications targets specific issues to help brokers and hedge funds manage their unique circumstances with minimum cost and maximum performance. Some of the risk management tools that we provide help modify leverage, control and limit bonus credit usage, comply with regulations and much more.

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A/B-book Auto Switch

Switching from A-Book to B-Book is one of the most important tools used to protect both traders’ and brokers’ revenue. Using an A/B risk management solution enables brokers to hedge the risks or benefit from rapid market growth.

Disclaimer: We recommend that brokers consult with their local authority before commencing any B-book operations.

Order and execution management

Flexible execution configuration allows us to group clients together and set individual order execution rules for each group. A wide selection of Liquidity Providers makes sure clients can find the right match for them. Using our order execution solution brokers can choose individual LPs or create their own aggregation pools with their preferred LPs.

Continuous Execution allows large orders to be split into smaller ones and then executed over time to ensure minimum market impact and achieve the best execution for the trader.

Volume Consolidation feature sets the system to automatically consolidate all open positions across different LPs at the end of each day. This minimises exposure and swap costs.

Trading alerts for risk management

Business alerts for trading deliver real-time updates to help you analyse the latest dynamics and trends, and make quick and accurate decisions.

Clients can create fully customised alerts based on a list of filters and name each alert individually to fit their needs. An alert can be created for anything that falls into a pattern, such as the volume of a deal or profit result.

Advanced monitoring, statistics, and data analytics tools

Real-time data monitoring and analysis help stay up to date with trader activity and make adjustments to the settings on the fly.

The charts page with extensive graphs gives brokers a complete overview of trading data. ‘Hour’ graph shows hourly traders’ activity and profits and helps understand traders’ behaviour better. The Economic calendar shows all daily events in one place and allows us to stay on track of all global events quickly. Alerts help stay aware of what the traders are doing and react if needed.

All data from MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 servers are combined, so clients can view and analyse their entire infrastructure via a single console.

MT4/MT5 risk management plugins and apps

Risk Management is the cornerstone on which every successful broker is built. We have designed a robust broker risk management bundle that brings together the right solutions that help our clients stay protected against external risks and stay compliant with regulations.

For example, Dynamic Leverage Changer changes the margin rate of the positions and dynamically modifies the leverage of accounts on which the positions are opened. StopOut plugin prevents traders from losses during high volatility periods, and Position Limit plugin limits total open position exposure by instrument and rejects the position opening if the maximum limit is exceeded by account.

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