TFB offers powerful MetaTrader 5 solutions that help you start a brokerage with minimal investment. Although MT4/MT5 White Labels are not officially available right now, we've crafted a unique solution for you – MT5 Main Label that resembles White Label but offers even more benefits.
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KEY BENEFITS of MT5 Main Label with TFB

The MetaTrader 5 Main Label service package by TFB is designed specifically for new retail brokers and hedge funds eager to kickstart their MT5 brokerage journey.

Our White Label service package is your all-in-one solution, covering everything brokers need to launch their MT5 White Label brokerage.

All-in-one solution

  • Free connection to the liquidity of your choice (over 100 available, including Binance)
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Trading over the weekend with Weekend FX
  • Multiple asset classes supported: Forex, CFD, Futures
  • Choice of STP and Market Maker models
  • Access to the TFB ecosystem in addition to the liquidity bridge (TFB PAMM, copy trading, bonus system, and risk management)
  • Advanced liquidity bridge solution and risk management system
  • MT5 KYC consultation and assistance
  • Full onboarding support
  • Initial technical setup and migration services
  • Ongoing 24/7 technical support and consultancy
  • Reliable server hosting for brokers
  • Steady price feed to set you up for success

Say goodbye to the challenges of starting an MT5 White Label business and hello to success with our MT5 Main Label service package. Let's get started!


Trade Processor instance
Full 24/7 technical support
Consultancy services 5 days per week
Free data feed
250 symbols 500 symbols
Binance symbols
Extra bridge connections
Prop trading offer
Already have a white LAbel?
Contact us for a free migration service and additional discount
for your current charges.

Here's how we guide you through
each step of MT4/MT5 White Label setup

How the step-by-step onboarding process may look:
1. Introductory Meeting & Goal Setting Begin with a personalised introductory meeting, where our experts collaborate with you to develop a strategic roadmap tailored to your MT4 / MT5 White Label goals.
2. KYC Assistance Our comprehensive KYC assistance program facilitates a smooth onboarding process. We provide expert guidance in document preparation and submission through the MetaQuotes platform, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
3. TFB Partners From company formation to establishing essential infrastructure such as bank accounts, LP, CRM, PSP, and generating reports, we streamline the process for you.
4. Server Hosting Our team handles the entire technical process, from ordering to setup, creating powerful configurations optimised for MT5, bridge setups, and trading which allows brokers to operate with confidence.
5. Migration Services Whether moving from MT4 to MT4, MT4 to MT5, or even MT5 to cTrader trading platform, our team ensures a smooth migration process, minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency for trading.
6. Technical Setup We handle everything for brokers and hedge funds, from the initial setup to configuring groups, symbols, execution and feeding mechanisms, and connecting liquidity and additional products, setting the stage for your brokerage's success.
7. Trade Processor bridge Installation Benefit from our advanced liquidity bridge installation and configuration, complete with robust risk management features, providing your clients with a secure and reliable trading environment.
8. 24/7 Technical Support Our technical team provides system monitoring, technical consultation, and ongoing maintenance support for MT5, ensuring your brokerage platform operates uninterrupted, day and night.

Embark on your White Label journey with confidence, knowing that our onboarding process is designed to support and guide you through each step.

MetaTrader 5 White Label
offer with and without TFB comparison
MetaTrader 5 Main Label with TFB MetaTrader 5 Main Label without TFB
Assistance with obtaining the MT5 licence, professional expertise Having to go through different options, researching how to get the MT5 licence, wasting time and effort
Advanced liquidity bridge & risk management Basic gateway
Professional 24/7 support team to assist you throughout Having to onboard your own support team at a high cost
Price feed included Pay extra for everything, including market data, which is charged monthly during the long onboarding process with other LPs
TFB ecosystem: all solutions in one (liquidity bridge, PAMM, plugins and applications) Having to look for different providers, risking incompatibility and unoptimised performance
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TFB also offers White Label services for the cTrader platform. Working with multiple platforms allows White Label brokers to offer their traders a wider variety of platforms, giving them more options and greater technical flexibility in the trading process that meets any requirement.

get more
Additionally, you get
the following technical solutions
for White Label
Alert system, Trading
activity, Reporting tool
Risk Management
for White Label
Trade Limiter, Advanced
Stop Out, А/B-book switch
Client Relations
for White Label
IB and Agent structure,
Bonus manager, Copy trading

MetaTrader White Label

The MetaTrader White Label solution by TFB is available to different client sectors, including investment funds, retail brokers, and more. Our experience with various companies allows us to maintain the highest level of White Label service, regardless of the client's requirements or setup.

To find out more about MT4 / MT5 White Label solution options for brokers, please contact us at


Can I get an MT4 and MT5 White Label right now?

Currently, MetaTrader does not offer MT4 or MT5 White Label solutions for brokers. However, we have a new MT5 Main Label offer that will fit perfectly if you’re looking to provide trading services based on an MT5 White Label platform. We also partner with the cTrader platform. Additional trading platforms will be announced soon.

What is the difference between the regular MT5 White Label and MT5 Main Label?

There is a significant difference between a regular MT4 / MT5 White Label and the MT5 Main Label solution by TFB. The regular White Label offering has many technical limitations for new brokers and trading process, such as a limited platform licence, a shared server, and a lack of admin rights.

With TFB’s MetaTrader 5 Main Label offer for brokers, the client has a Main Label licence without technical limitations, they are hosted on a private server, and the TFB team helps set everything up.

Why should I get a MetaTrader 5 offer from you, and not purchase the MT5 license directly from the platform?

You can choose to contact MetaQuotes and get the MT5 licence directly, but that would cost you more than getting it from TFB. Through TFB, you will also get access to other technical solutions, such as a liquidity bridge, and benefits.

When you’re starting a White Label (or Main Label), the license of the trading platform is not enough. With the TFB White Label offer, brokers get an entire package (server, upgrades and maintenance, liquidity bridge, and other solutions) for less and can launch business almost immediately.

Should I launch with MT4 or MT5 by MetaTrader?

Officially, MetaQuotes is no longer selling MT4 licences, and they’ve also limited the support that is provided for the MT4 platform. Running a business on MT4 involves additional risks, as your company will not be able to get the vendor’s support or advice. MT4 is a popular platform with a large community, but MetaTrader 5 is the new generation, and it offers unmatched benefits too. Plus you get access to the latest technology that’s unavailable for MT4.

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