Technological solutions for automation of brokerage routine tasks, such as brokers commissions and swaps handling, automatic change of group and accounts settings. Saving brokers’ time and avoiding human errors.

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Futures Controller is an application that checks margin requirements for the list of specified instruments and compares it to the equity of a trading account. If equity is less than margin requirements, it closes the open positions by stop out.
  • external .cfg file (supports FTP location)
  • flexible configurations (masks and exclusions supported)
  • high performance (can process up to 25000 accounts, 10000 open positions, 10 transactions per second)
Dynamic Swap plugin is a MetaTrader 5 plugin that automatically changes the swap values up to 6 times per day:
  • for six different time marks
  • in the percentage
  • to be added to Swaps field of positions and withdrawn at the moment of the position's full closing
Auto Swap Changer is an application that helps brokers automate swaps updating and makes this procedure significantly quicker and safer. It does so by:
  • downloading swaps from LP website (LMAX) as a file
  • modifying the file in compliance with predefined multipliers
  • accordingly updating the swap values in MetaTrader
Swap Changer is an application that:
  • automatically updates swaps for Short and Long positions
  • prevents the server from freeze during bulk swaps update
Sharia Account plugin is a product designed for brokers who work in regions with Swap-Free Account policy. It withdraws fee for each position opened over the specified time intervals permanently and allows setting personalized comments for this operation.
  • calculates the fee depending on the position volume and the symbol commission
  • has an option to set any time intervals for fees charging
  • saves data on each fee charging in a separate database which ensures the procedure accuracy
Margin Updater is an application for МetaТrader 5 that modifies margin requirements for all necessary symbols. The product is launched via Windows Scheduler, thus, it is fully automated and systematic which saves a lot of time. Essentially, the product changes the value of two margin requirements:
  • Initial Margin – minimum amount that must be available on the account at entering the market
  • Maintenance Margin – minimum amount that must be available on the account to keep positions open
Liquidation Fee is a plugin that charges the commission from trader for each stop-out event, with an option to set different commission values for different symbols or symbol masks.
  • motivate their traders
  • prevent losses caused by stop-out events
  • get commission from traders with stopped out positions
Bulk Symbol Settings Setter is an automation tool which enables us to make bulk settings of the same parameters in MetaTrader 5 Symbol settings for the specified symbols.
  • to process both regular symbols and the ones with prefixes
  • to disable the trading on the certain symbols
  • to be run on a PC machine different from MetaTrader server one
Exchange Fee Charge is an application that automates the Exchange Fee withdrawal from traders in accordance to a .csv file which contains trading accounts and the fee amounts.
  • specifies the data to connect to MetaTrader 5 server and the path to the .csv file with the Exchange Fee values
  • applies the changes
  • launches the application

Then, the application performs the withdrawal of Exchange fee for every specified trading account.

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