3 reasons why dealers should embrace automation

Author: Petros Kalaitzis

When it comes to automation, not all dealers are happy about technology taking over the trading process. We at TFB see automation as a great liberator and an instrument of progress. And in today’s article, we’d like to outline the key benefits of automation for dealers.

Automation makes dealers’ jobs safer

The key universal benefit of automation is the dramatic decrease in the number of mistakes and overall risk reduction.

With automation, the human error factor is almost completely eliminated. If you set up the system right, you will be able to allow the technology to take over mundane, often tedious tasks. These are the tasks where we often make mistakes simply because it’s too repetitive, and it’s virtually impossible to stay focused for the entire time you work on it (such as reports, or a parameter update in the system).

Dealers become more efficient

Besides reducing the number of errors that dealers make, automation also reduces the time that a job takes. A report can take 4 hours to prepare manually but only 10 minutes with the software. Imagine how many more clients and orders one can process with that extra time.

Dealing becomes more accessible

With automation often comes usability. Modern software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For dealers, it means lower entry barriers and flexibility with their work.

Trade Processor, the liquidity bridge by TFB, is specifically designed to be feature-rich yet simple. Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, it takes brokers just a couple of days to become proficient in using the bridge despite it being a comprehensive solution with a wide range of features.

Similarly, dealers that praise and embrace automation will make their job easier. They will be able to take all opportunities that life throws at them.

Final thoughts

Automation and technology, in general, are a blessing to dealers if they use them to their advantage. Together with technology, automation assists us in our job but under no circumstances replaces the human touch or logic. Automation takes care of all the tedious tasks and allows the dealer to be creative and focus on the strategic tasks instead of drowning in daily maintenance.

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