5 ways to promote and grow your PAMM services

Author: Baiana Kashaeva

A Percentage Allocation Money Management solution, or PAMM, is a common tool used by thousands of brokers to offer services to their traders.

PAMM systems are organised the following way:

  • Investors come to the broker with a certain sum of money they’d like to invest.
  • In the PAMM system, they have access to a list of Money Managers (MMs) who trade their own finances and third-party Investors' finances.
  • Investors check statistics and performance and choose which MM to entrust their money to.
  • The MM trades and makes a profit which is later distributed to all Investors automatically based on personal balance or equity.

This solution is often promoted to traders who have less experience and worry about trading on their own. Additionally, it is popular among traders who have limited time resources and would like to invest their money with minimal personal input.

Promotion strategies for your money management services

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the recommendations we provide today might not be available in your region. Please check with your regulator to stay compliant and avoid penalties.

#1 Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is an effective promotional tool for both new and existing clients of your brokerage. You can use it as an incentive to your traders to try new services that you offer. Or you can target potential clients to expand your client base or differentiate the offering.

# 2 Interview with successful MMs

This way of promotion is a bit more resource-consuming. First, you need to ensure that your PAMM offering is stable and well-developed and that you have trusted Money Managers who deliver consistent results. It is then important to get them on board and arrange an interview.

The format can vary: a video, an article, or even a podcast. We recommend batching a few interviews with various people on a variety of topics and then rolling it out as a series.

As for the topics and questions, collect feedback from your existing MMs and Investors. Check what questions your sales and technical teams get asked the most. If you are using TFB PAMM as your money management solution, then we can recommend discussing how personal trading conditions impact the MMs’ experience with the platform.

TFB PAMM allows brokers to set individual conditions for MMs based on their ranking and experience. It also supports fees customisation so that every MM can get a unique performance fee.

#3 Giveaway contest

A giveaway is a powerful way to support and encourage PAMM users to trade and invest more. The T&Cs would largely depend on your region, but we recommend including the rule that only active users can participate and maybe even set a minimum in trading that they have to meet. Make sure your winners are among your target audience.

#4 Educational content

Tip number four is to provide educational and helpful content to your clients.

You can’t go wrong with this tip, as content has become almost a requirement in the last few years. Clients expect brokers to have a blog, social media presence, regular newsletters, or all channels at once!

Make sure the content is regularly updated, contains helpful insights, and makes the readers’ lives easier with knowledgeable recommendations.

#5 Email promotion

Don’t underestimate the power of good old email communication. Email newsletters and updates can be a powerful tool to attract traders and increase their loyalty if used smartly.

Tips for running successful email campaigns:

  • Do your homework first. Don’t bombard your entire database of contacts with emails. Separate clients into groups and create individual campaigns for each.
  • Always think about the value. Why should traders open and read your emails? Useful and educational content with a little bit of promotion is always a good idea.
  • Don’t be too aggressive. Unless there is a lot going on, don’t send emails too frequently. If you do, they will be treated as spam and ignored.
  • Use analytics to track which emails are most popular and adapt your strategies.

TFB PAMM solution for retail brokers

If you are looking for a reliable and robust money management solution to offer your clients, TFB PAMM for MT4/MT5 might be just what you are looking for!

  • It has a transparent and intuitive UI.
  • Functionality is customisable to fit unique broker needs.
  • Investors can choose Money Managers based on their statistics.
  • Brokers can set individual view parameters for each client.
  • Regular reports can be run on Open orders and Equity of Investors and Money Managers.
  • All commissions are accumulated on a single MetaTrader account.

The unique functionality of TFB PAMM:

  • Single pane of glass view: import data from all MT4 and MT5 servers into a single TFB PAMM database.
  • Admin portal with all incoming requests in one place.
  • Offload the balance from MetaTrader: the servers’ data is processed and calculated on the TFB PAMM core, separately from the MT platform.
  • Precise profit distribution between Investors with an accuracy of up to 0.00000001 lots.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly statements for Investors and Money Managers.

Would you like to learn more about TFB PAMM or other TFB solutions? Please feel free to email us at sales@t4b.com.

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