All the solutions that a retail broker needs

Author: Petros Kalaitzis

The TFB team has been creating brokerage solutions for over 14 years. During this time, we’ve learnt a lot from our clients and partners, and our solutions portfolio has undergone many changes.

Today, we offer the widest range of tools that retail brokers (hedge funds and prop trading firms) can implement to achieve their ambitious goals. In this article, we will present you some of our products and demonstrate how they can contribute to the brokerage’s success.

Goal: arrange secure bridging and top-notch performance

Solution: Trade Processor

Sometimes, when brokers look for liquidity gateways, they either come across something very secure but lacking in speed, or they find a very powerful bridge that demonstrates great results but presents a security threat.

Luckily, the Trade Processor (TP) liquidity bridge is a solution that doesn’t compromise. We’ve taken some time to perfect it, and we’re proud to mention that TP is not only multi-faceted in its functionality but is also very secure and transparent:

  • You have complete visibility into settings and configurations and can change them to fit your needs and environment.
  • Multiple aggregation modes, a big liquidity pool, automated volume consolidation, feeding profiles, and other features ensure you get the best pricing for every order.
  • Built-in risk management tools, such as an on-the-fly A/B switcher, backup LP, and the way the software is installed to prevent downtime all create an uninterrupted trading process.

If there are any hurdles along the way, the TFB team is there for you with 24/7 access to our tech specialists and comprehensive documentation, along with a recently added AI chatbot to help answer some of your questions.

Goal: attract traders with limited experience

Solutions: TFB PAMM, Trade Processor

TFB PAMM is an asset management system that allows beginner traders (Investors) to entrust their funds to Money Managers (MMs) who trade on the Investors’ behalf and get a portion of their profits. This helps brokers kill two birds with one stone – they can attract both very experienced traders and those who wouldn’t usually trade on their own but are happy to pass the job on to someone else.

TFB PAMM has been designed to be transparent and intuitive, so neither the Admin nor Investors and MMs will have difficulties navigating the software. Investors can choose the MM they want to work with by viewing their statistics, and MMs can add their personal funds to the mix and boost their capital returns. For Admins, a convenient portal combines all incoming requests in one interface, allowing them to spend less time on daily management.

The Trade Processor liquidity bridge is primarily a solution for brokers that enables and enhances the entire company’s operations. However, it has several features that could be used to attract new traders or those who have experience but aren’t yet experts.

Goal: keep up with regulations

Solution: built-in reporting in Trade Processor

We are firm believers in the importance of regulation in the industry. Do lawmakers sometimes make our lives harder for no good reason? Sure. But ultimately, regulatory rules make the financial world a safer and more transparent place.

And while nobody likes spending time gathering data and generating reports, there’s really no way around it. So here’s what we recommend doing – let’s embrace regulation instead of opposing it.

Especially since Trade Processor makes it so much easier, with the built-in data monitoring and reporting functionality streamlining the process, automating all the boring bits, and saving everyone’s time. And the best part is that you can also use the data you’ve gathered for internal purposes. Data is king these days, so the more you work with reports and understand trends and tendencies, the stronger your position is on the market.

You can learn more about TP’s reporting potential on our dedicated reporting page.

Goal: manage individual TFB plugins efficiently

Solution: TFB Toolbox

In addition to the Trade Processor liquidity bridge, TFB PAMM money management solution, and White Label package, we offer a custom selection of plugins and applications that target niche broker needs. While all those tools are great, sometimes they can be tricky to manage if you use several of them.

That’s where the TFB Toolbox comes into play. Think of it as a single interface that showcases all applications and plugins in one place and offers a lot of helpful functionality, such as ad-hoc settings changes, role-based access control, and quick access for the most in-demand tools.

The white TFB Toolbox has a lot to offer. Its key mission is to optimise the time brokers spend on managing their tech portfolio and free up time for more urgent and strategic tasks.

These are the key solutions that make retail brokers’ lives easier and better. If you’re looking for something specific that was not covered in today’s article, please email us at, and we’ll be happy to consult with you and find the right tool for your requirements.  

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