Automation for brokerages: pains and solutions

Author: Albina Zhdanova

In our previous article about automation, we discussed how it benefits brokers and if it is a must to automate your business processes. Today, we will address some of the automation-related pains that brokerages have and find a solution within the TFB products portfolio:

1. It takes me ages to run the reports!

Reports are notorious for taking hours of your time to produce, and they are usually not very fun either! Luckily, TFB has just the right tools for you to make this process smooth, quick, and fully automated.

Execution Report Application will help you collect data and automatically generate reports in XLSX format. Its extensive analytics on every transaction is a must-have for brokers looking to enhance their services.

EOD Report TP Compatible will automate and simplify your End-of-day reporting. It is integrated with Trade Processor (TP), lets you generate reports for individual accounts and groups only, and you can configure it to be sent via email automatically.

2. I keep on losing/overlooking important data and making mistakes!

Often, the work of a broker is updating data and maintaining its relevance. Luckily, there are many products designed to take it over and in a reliable and fully automated way.

Delay Swap Changer is a tool that will automate the swap charging for overnight positions. Additionally, it enables brokers to set the time intervals for swap changing.

Margin Updater is a great application that saves time by changing the values of Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin.

Dynamic swap plugin for MetaTrader 5 will automatically change the swap values up to 6 times per day so you would not have to.

Manager Event Alerts is a saviour for traders who want to stay up to date with their accounts. Alerts can be configured to notify traders about trading changes, pending orders processing and its limits, balance/credit operations, and more. Brokers can add this as a service and charge a fee for subscription to such alerts.

3. We struggle to maintain the level of services!

When high volumes of data are involved, it is easy to slip and miss some bits here and there. The brokerage business is a harsh environment, and unstable operations can cost reputation, profits, and, ultimately, the business.

Futures Controller will check margin requirements for you and compare the list of specified instruments with equity of a trading account. The application will close open positions by stop out if equity is less than margin requirements.

Position Limit plugin helps you limit total open position exposure by instrument. The configuration is flexible, and you can set personal limits for each account and.

Interest Rate plugin can be set to operate during specific periods, and it will automatically credit the interest rates to the set trading accounts.

4. I have so much data, but nothing is well-structured!

Adjustable account marker application is a vivid and easy way to segment your data. It lets you mark trading accounts with specific colours assigned to specified conditions. It helps work with data faster and to see a clear overall picture of your current situation.

This is it for today! There are multiple packages available, so if you are interested in any of the products mentioned today or in our portfolio in general, please let our team know on We will be happy to find the best package deal for your business.

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