How to protect brand identity while working with a white label solution

Author: Baiana Kashaeva

Many brokers consider White Label (WL) when they first start operations as an easy and straightforward way of entering the market.

The White Label package from Tools for Brokers, for example, includes assistance with company formation and all technical aspects, such as:

  • Trading platform
  • Execution and feeding
  • Aggregation
  • Risk management
  • Automation

It means that the broker can have minimum technical involvement and go straight to building their business.

It is a very appealing concept as it lowers the entry barrier for newcomers while being scalable and allowing brokers to grow volumes without any issues.

However, when working with someone else's platform, the question arises: How do I support and protect my own brand? If you are a White Label broker who is worried about that, this article is for you!

We came up with a list of actionable tips that will help any WL broker maintain and grow their brand while utilising a third-party platform and technology:

  • First of all, every WL product supports personalising the name and logo to your own, and TFB is no different. In addition, we also allow brokers to add their colours to the interface. So, the first thing any broker should do is ask their WL provider about the visual customisations available to them. Make sure the WL tools are visually cohesive with your website and social media.
  • Think about your content marketing strategy. As you are onboarding new traders, try different content formats, both educational and more general, where you talk about your services and offerings. If you're up for it, provide a content starter pack to anyone who starts trading with you - a guide on working with the solution, general recommendations (but make sure those comply with local regulations), and how-to videos. Content will help you stand out, but make sure it is relevant and valuable to the trader.
  • Make sure your customer support is incredible. If there's one thing that can make or break a business - it's their approach to handling customers’ complaints and issues. Ensure that your support team is quick to reach and knowledgeable. Ideally, they should speak several languages to accommodate traders with different backgrounds.
  • Whatever can be customised should be customised! Things like welcome emails or login screens reflecting your branding in the system will make a big difference.
  • And the final tip: automation! Automate as much as possible and don't rely on manual tasks. The aftermath of human error is so much higher than the costs of automation. Automation starts with CRM integration and ends with reporting, whether for audit or regulatory purposes.
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