Meet the new edition of Trade Processor bridging solution

Author: Albina Zhdanova

What better way to start a new year than to release a new edition of Trade Processor — our enterprise-ready bridging solution for retail brokers.

We have included the main updates in this article, so please feel free to contact us at to get a full list of upgrades and enhancements.

Trading directly from Trade Processor

It is now possible to trade directly from the Trade Processor interface via the ‘LP performance’ tab. Brokers can make corrections on the liquidity side and change any differences that occur in volumes.

Colour parameter for routing filters

We have added a new routing filter to the execution configuration similar to the MT4/MT5 colour usage. Brokers can use one or multiple colours and select ‘Except’ or ‘Allowable’ to filter the routing rules. The new feature helps filter actions. Many brokers segment their clients using colours in MetaTrader, so we believe that by adding similar and familiar tools in Trade Processor, we will make our clients' lives a little easier.

Improved Continuous Execution tool

Continuous Execution splits large orders into smaller ones and executes them over a period of time. It is a necessity for brokers as it helps to reach the best pricing possible for the traders.

Continuous Execution is used by many of our clients, and we are always working on making it even more secure and transparent. Based on the feedback, we have enhanced this feature by adding the ‘Initiator’ filter. This filter allows brokers to track the history of operations and have visibility into every single event when Continuous Execution was performed in the Trade processor. The new filter tracks all operations, both successful and unsuccessful.

Enhanced Trading History tab

The ‘Trading History’ tab now includes 7 more deals’ details parameters:

  • LP Execution Time shows precisely how much time it took LP to execute an order, including any delays on the network between Trade Processor and LP.
  • Full Execution Time includes all steps from accepting the order by the platform to execution by the platform.
  • LP Price Slippage shows the price difference between sending the request and actual execution.
  • Platform Price Slippage
  • TP markup
  • TP Broker Profit the real earnings in terms of TP markup.
  • Total Broker Profit includes all markups and markups by TP specifically.
  • Total markup

Are you looking for a bridging solution? Would you like to try Trade Processor? Please feel free to email us at, and we will arrange a free trial and a demo for you. Are you a Trade Processor client? Please let us know what you think about new features, and what you would like to add.

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