TFB PAMM: blitz Q&A with the product owner

In our blog, we have already told you a lot about our money management solution — TFB PAMM. In today’s article, we asked the product owner of TFB PAMM, Egor Kornev, to answer a few questions about the solution and the working process.

1. Why do you like TFB PAMM?

If I had to answer with one word, I would say I like it for its comprehensiveness. TFB PAMM has many features that are cross-compatible and cross-dependent. So it is especially interesting to not only work on the features but the connection between them. It is a complex job which I enjoy doing.

2. What is TFB PAMMs coolest tool?

All of them! But personally, I would say it is the trade allocation across Investors with volumes as small as up to 0,00000001. In addition to facilitating this, we are also offering cool things like real-time profit calculation for Investors' open orders, calculation of real equity and free margin of Investors, disconnecting the Investor from the Money Manager (MM) at any given time, and more.

Altogether it makes for a powerful instrument to show Investors the most accurate state of their accounts and protects them from losses.

3. Which feature do you want each client to know about?

I wish more people knew that TFB PAMM keeps Investors’ accounts and orders on its side, which offloads the balance from the MetaTrader. And we have a convenient Rest API that helps get all necessary data and integrate it into the CRM systems easily.

4. What is the maximum of Investors and MMs that TFB PAMM can handle?

According to our latest tests, with a standard server configuration, TFB PAMM can process 200 MMs, 100 000 Investors, and up to 1 million simultaneously open orders.

5. Which country has the most PAMM clients?

This changes of course, as we have new clients joining all the time. However, I think it is safe to say that most current clients are based in Asia.

6. How many features are you working on now?

We have separate roadmaps for one and three years. There will be several releases in 2021, and there are about 20 features that our team is working on now. They range from minor improvements to things like reporting.

7. How much time does it take to configure the tool for the first-time user?

TFB PAMM is rather easy to set up. Depending on the configuration that the client wants, it takes somewhere between 4 to 12 hours to configure.

8. How many people in your teamwork on PAMM?

There are now five people in our team, and we will be expanding the team in 2021.

9. What is the biggest challenge for your team right now?

I would say the most tricky one at the moment is the calculation of profits in percentages. It is a vital feature and must be executed perfectly and very precisely.

10. What is the biggest blessing for your team right now?

Maybe all of our colleagues, and the company in general. It is a cliche, but we really feel like we are a family in the sense that every employee is ready to help, provide insight, or point at something that might be improved. This really helps us innovate and deliver new features and enhancements rather quickly.

Do you have any questions for our team? Please feel free to email us at, and we will be happy to tell you more about our products and provide you with a free demo.

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