TFB PAMM updates: 5 more reasons to try our money management system

TFB PAMM is a money management solution that helps brokers attract more clients, earn more profits, and ultimately satisfy the clients’ needs. There are 3 key user groups of TFB PAMM: Admin, Money Manager (MM), and Investor. For the product to satisfy those three groups, it needs to be fast, reliable, and convenient.

At TFB, we never stop perfecting our solutions. In this latest release, we have made several changes and improvements that we believe will bring the experience with the product to the next level. While there were many more little changes, we decided to include the main 5 points in this article. For the full update list, or to ask any question about TFB PAMM, please email us at, and one of our team will be glad to assist you.

Without further ado, here are the 5 updates to the TFB PAMM by Tools for Brokers:

1. Money Managers now have their own funds

MMs now can trade with both their own and third-party funds. There is separate detailed information for Total MM funds and Own funds, accessible for both MM and Admin with the latest edition. This is a great improvement which will help brokers attract more clients.

2. Fee Accounts page added

Admins can now see all commission information directly via TFB PAMM’s Fee Accounts tab. We combine the data from MetaTrader with data provided by TFB PAMM. As a result, Admins can view: name, balance, currency, number of MMs and Investors connected, and PAMM commission settings. This tab will save time and enable Admins to analyze all data via a familiar interface.

3. Orders page added

The new Orders tab compiles all orders from all Money Managers in a single place. We can now see all orders in the PAMM system and quickly search specific orders through the tab. It is possible to filter by the order status (open or closed) to make the search even more convenient.

4. Money Managers page re-designed

Investor and Admin will now have a different view of Money Manager’s page for a better user-experience. Not all information that Investors require is helpful for Admins and vise versa. The Admin view now contains only data needed for efficient workflow (such as server information, balance, equity, PnL) and should streamline the processes.

5. New MT Servers sub-tab

It is now possible to view all MetaTrader servers that were ever connected to the TFB PAMM. It provides additional information directly in the TFB PAMM interface that helps view the full history of servers for reporting, analysis, or other purposes.

What do you think about the updates? What else would you like to see in TFB PAMM? Please email your thoughts and ideas to us at, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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