Meet the upgraded TFB Toolbox 2023

Author: Baiana Kashaeva

In the latest release, additional functionality was added to the TFB Toolbox, and we are going to share the details with you today.

What is the TFB Toolbox?

Let’s do a quick recap first.

The TFB Toolbox is a multi-component product with a web user interface. It allows brokers to manage all their TFB plugins and applications through a single console. This makes daily operations simpler, faster, and more secure. Using the TFB Toolbox, brokers can set up and configure their apps and plugins independently, and changes can be made instantly.

What’s new in the 2023 release?

The TFB Toolbox is still a relatively new product, and we are still making changes, adding features, and expanding the portfolio of plugins and applications supported by the solution.

New solution added to the TFB Toolbox

One of the major updates is the addition of a new, updated Trade Limiter MT5 solution to the TFB Toolbox. The new Trade Limiter is built to meet all the latest technical standards and replaces three TFB solutions (Trade Limiter, Symbols Disabler, and Timed Trade Disabler) that our clients love, but required an update.

Those three existing plugins are all helping brokers achieve a single goal – reduce trader risks – but they do it in a different way. Trade Limiter unites the functionality of the three plugins, so brokers with unique risk management needs can find a suitable solution for their specific needs.

The new Trade Limiter allows brokers to:

  • Restrict trading volumes in lots
  • Activate hedging protection
  • Limit trading in specific time periods

Therefore achieving vital broker goals:

  • Reduce trading risks
  • Avoid financial losses

At the moment, Trade Limiter MT5 offers key functionality from the three existing plugins. At later stages, the feature set will also be expanded to include minor functionality. The support for MetaTrader 4 is expected later in 2023.

Turn on/off button and statuses for applications

Besides the new products, we’ve added the on/off button and statuses for applications for 3 solutions:

  • Credit Management MT4/MT5
  • Trade Limiter MT4/MT5
  • Copy Trading MT5

Brokers can turn on and off those applications that they don’t use 24/7, and they can also see different application statuses:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • On standby
  • Changing to (in)active

The option to turn the application off and view its status clearly will help brokers with their day-to-day environment management by making it more transparent and straightforward.

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