Top plugins that every broker should use

Author: Baiana Kashaeva

If you are a broker, improvement, and enhancement never stop. Luckily, the TFB team never stops either! We are constantly creating new plugins and applications that target unique or niche challenges or help brokers get to the next level.

And today, we have prepared a list of eleven plugins that we believe are useful for any brokerage. Some of the tools minimise risks, and others focus on reporting, automation, and client management.

Brokerage plugins and the issues they address

Every brokerage has departments that work on different goals and needs of the broker.

The sales and marketing department primarily focuses on attracting new clients and growing volumes with the existing ones. To achieve these goals, teams use multiple methods, such as campaigns, tournaments, and software solutions:

  • The Group Exact Copier for MT4 and MT5 copies trades from one or multiple Source accounts to one Target account. The plugin helps brokerages attract clients who are not yet ready to trade independently but would like to step into the market. The solutions can set different conditions for copying (e.g., by Balance or Equity), copy in the reverse direction, and set the rules of symbols translation.
  • Credit management for MT4 and MT5 allows brokers to automatically grant credits to traders. If the brokerage is currently running a promotion and encourages new traders to be active, the Credit Management plugin is the perfect tool to facilitate the process. It can add credit for creating a trading account, set maximum credit limits, and send credit facilities for deposits. The built-in Negative Balance Protection feature guarantees that traders’ funds will be protected.

The backend office of the brokerage ensures that everything runs smoothly. This is achieved with the help of a clear structure, written procedures, and supporting technology that automates and streamlines parts of the process:

  • The Web API application is available for MT4 and MT5 to help brokers integrate the MetaTrader with any third-party solution quickly, whether it is a CRM, a website, or anything else. With this, the MT server can be accessed via any device, anywhere in the world, 24/7. It means that brokers can perform all actions in MT Administrator regardless of their location or time of day.
  • Swap Changer for MT4 and MT5 takes care of swaps by automatically updating Short and Long positions. This helps prevent servers from freezing during bulk swap updates. As a result, there’s less manual hassle for the brokers, and service availability is protected.
  • The Cashback plugin for MT5 automates the bonus program performance. It allocates all bonuses automatically following the set parameters, so nobody has to run reports and do it manually. As a result, the brokerage has a fully-functioning loyalty program that requires minimal time to set up and administer. The plugin works with the precision of volume up to 0.00000001 lot.

The entire brokerage is most likely working on improving the risk management strategy one way or the other. Every step has to be calculated in terms of the risk level. And there are many solutions at TFB that help brokers keep their risks under control. They include:

  • The StopOut plugin for MT4 and MT5 is designed to protect traders during high volatility periods. Brokers set a certain equity level, and once it’s reached, the plugin closes all orders on the account and switches it to read-only mode.
  • The Negative Balance protection plugin for MT4 and MT5 reduces the risks associated with a negative trader’s balance. It returns the negative balance to zero and withdraws all credit facilities from that account.
  • The Limited Risk Account plugin for MT4 and MT5 is another tool for brokers to protect their traders from excessive risks. It automates the process and ensures brokers are compliant with regulatory requirements. The solution restricts opening orders with no Stop Loss level or sets it automatically. After trade opening, traders can only adjust the Stop Loss to be less risky.

The analytics and management team at the brokerage must have access to the complete and latest data to make strategic decisions, adjust their course of action, and stay compliant. All these goals are achieved with the following tools:

  • The EOD (End-of-Day) Report application for MT4 and MT5 generates daily reports with data on all trading accounts for the last 24 hours. It includes deposits/withdrawals, profits, and commissions. Such reports are a common requirement by regulators, and the software ensures that brokers provide complete reports without having to gather the data manually.
  • The TFB Monitoring System for MT4 and MT5 is a proactive solution for server monitoring. It ensures the system is stable and there are no peculiarities that may affect the performance. Brokers can configure the solution to send notifications of specific events to spot and fix any potential risks before they become a problem.
  • The Execution Report application for MT4 and MT5 collects transaction data from the liquidity bridge (Trade Processor) and generates reports with details like LP execution time in milliseconds, slippage in pips, and more. Brokers can use the reports for internal analysis and to compare the execution of their LPs. As a result, brokers make data-driven decisions about the most favourable LPs and can provide traders with the best pricing.

Today, we covered some of the popular tools that brokers use to ensure their services are at the highest level and traders are able to enjoy their trading experience. There are many more plugins and applications that cover other issues and unique needs, so if you’d like to learn more about these solutions, please feel free to email us at

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