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The comfort of clients is one of the top priorities at TFB. Our products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We always work on updating and expanding our documentation so that our partners can find any information they are after.

Today we’ve decided to select a pool of common questions about Trade Processor (TP) and publish the answers to them on our blog. Here it is:

Where can I find the information about the latest updates and releases?

You can check our online catalogue to see the latest patches and updates:, as well as follow us on social media: on Linkedin and Facebook as Tools For Brokers, and on Twitter at @Tools4brokers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of all the latest news.

What is the maximum performance speed of the Trade Processor?

For MetaTrader 4: with an optimum physical location of components and minimum time of ping to the liquidity provider, TP can process 1200-1500 orders per minute.

For MetaTrader 5 and FIX API: with an optimum location of components and minimum ping time with the liquidity provider, TP can process 2500 orders per minute on an A-Book LP and up to 12000 orders per minute on a B-Book LP.

Note: the capacities above are stated for one MetaTrader server. On a powerful server machine, it is possible to have better capacities. And, if the servers are located on different machines, each machine will have its own TP Gateway running and thus will process the operations even faster.

Can I add a new LP manually?

Yes! Trade Processor allows you to add multiple LPs manually to make sure you are not missing out on anything. To add an LP, select the ‘Create New’ panel, choose ‘New LP’ form and fill in: LP Settings, Execution, Feeding. And this is it!

How do I set the rules for the best deals execution?

You can select one of the 6 aggregation types while adding a new aggregation pool. The types are Single Book, Multibook, Multibook Except Close, Net Except Close, MultiBook Proportional, MultiBook Proportional Except Close.

Best execution is subjective, and you might benefit from using different aggregation types for various deals to make sure your targets are reached.

Can I connect Trade Processor to an external trading platform?

Yes, you can connect TP to any trading platform via the External Platform. External Platform is a component in Trade Processor designed to connect to trading platforms though utilizing FIX API.

To add an External Platform, go to TP Settings, choose ‘Platforms’, and click ‘Create new’. For help or more details on the configuration process, please reach out to us.

How can I automate A-book and B-book risk management?

There are certain scenarios on the market that make brokers want to minimize their risks and potential losses. One way of doing that is moving clients from B-book to A-book and vice versa.

To save time and exclude any errors, we offer an Auto Switch tool that takes over the risk management and acts as soon as an event occurs. It takes you only to configure the rules, and the system will do the rest.

I need reporting. Is it included in the Trade Processor bridging solution?

We recommend pairing it with our reporting solution Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) for advanced reporting for regulators and internal use. You can read more about the product, as well as request a demo, on our website

If you didn’t find an answer to your question in today’s Q&A, please reach out to us using, and one of our team will share a full FAQ document with you and will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.

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