What does the TFB Toolbox do? And why you should care

Author: Alexey Kutsenko

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the TFB Toolbox solution. It’s been a part of our portfolio for a while now, and we have already introduced it to you, along with sharing updates here and there. Today, the solution has grown and evolved so much that we believe it would be beneficial to create a complete guide to the TFB Toolbox product in hopes of providing you with answers to all of your questions.

What does the TFB Toolbox do?

You can think of the TFB Toolbox as a portal for all TFB plugins and applications. It is a single console with a straightforward UI where brokers can manage their tools, change configurations, and apply ad hoc changes.

Why was the TFB Toolbox created?

At TFB, we offer a curated selection of plugins and apps, and we’ve identified two challenges for our clients:

  • It’s hard to manage multiple plugins and apps when they’re scattered all around the environment.
  • Brokers want to have more independence and control over their tools.

To combat the above issues, the TFB Toolbox was developed. It reduces the complexity of solutions management by keeping everything under one roof. Plus, we’ve given brokers more rights to make changes to the environment on their own without having to reach out to our technical support for assistance.

We believe that simplicity and empowerment are the way to go when it comes to broker technology, and we apply these principles to the entire TFB ecosystem.

What is the critical functionality of the TFB Toolbox?

The TFB Toolbox might be simplistic, but it is simultaneously feature-rich and efficient.

Here are the key functionality you’ll find in the solution:

  • Single point of access to all plugins and applications.
  • Products grouped together based on brokers’ needs.
  • Quick access feature pins the key solutions at the top for easy daily management.
  • Role-based access rights to specific solutions and groups.
  • API for third-party integrations.

What plugins and applications does the TFB Toolbox support?

The solution supports a number of useful and popular apps and plugins, and we are constantly expanding the range of tools available via the TFB Toolbox.

Here are some of the currently supported ones:

  • Credit Management MT4/MT5 automates operations with credit that include depositing, transferring, and withdrawing.
  • Dynamic Leverage Changer MT4/MT5 changes margin rates of positions and dynamically modifies the leverage of accounts with opened positions.
  • Copy Trading MT5 enables copying from Source to Target accounts and allows multiple Source-Target coherences.
  • Dividend Payout MT5 deposits and withdraws dividends by trading instruments for specific periods.
  • StopOut plugin MT4/MT5 minimises traders’ losses through trailing stopout and moving the account to "read-only" mode during high volatility periods.
  • Trade Limiter MT4/MT5 helps brokers to reduce risks by restricting trading volumes or time periods and activating hedging protection.
  • Swap Changer MT4/MT5 automatically uploads swap values to MT4/MT5.
  • Swap Free MT4/MT5 allows depositing and withdrawing handling fees, specifies fee multipliers, and configures rules for group masks, logins, and symbols.

Tip: For a full list of supported solutions, please reach out to your TFB account manager or email us at sales@t4b.com.

Final thoughts

Naturally, brokers can continue managing their many apps and plugins without the TFB Toolbox solution. But using it makes a world of difference. There’s only one interface brokers need to learn and remember, they won’t have to deal with .cfg files or mistakes caused by a confusing workflow. Installing and configuring new tools becomes that much faster and more efficient, and so is training new team members to work with the environment.

And if there’s one thing that all brokers could use – it’s tools that reduce stress and complexity in their already hectic days.

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