Technological solutions for automation of brokerage routine tasks, such as brokers commissions and swaps handling, automatic change of group and accounts settings. Saving brokers’ time and avoiding human errors.
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Manager Event Alerts is an application that notifies traders on different types of events that took place on their accounts. You may set fees for subscription to any kind of messages. The notification is possible via email, SMS, internal MetaTrader 4 mail for any events including:
  • trading: opening, closing, deleting of order
  • pending orders processing: placing, activation, modification, cancellation
  • limit orders processing: Stop Loss / Take Profit activation or modification
  • critical events: Margin call, stop out
  • balance and credit operations: deposit, withdrawal, credit-in, credit-out

This way, the product allows keeping the traders updated on their entire status, and helps brokers earn additional profit for this service.

Interest Rate plugin credits interest rates to the set trading accounts at a certain time every day. An interest rate is a commission daily paid to an account in accordance with the set annual interest rate. You can also set a time for the plugin to operate.
Auto Swap Changer is an application that helps brokers automate swaps updating and makes this procedure significantly quicker and safer. It does so by:
  • downloading swaps from LP website (LMAX) as a file
  • modifying the file in compliance with predefined multipliers
  • accordingly updating the swap values in MetaTrader
Swap Changer is an application that:
  • automatically updates swaps for Short and Long positions
  • prevents the server from freeze during bulk swaps update
Inactive Account Controller is an application for МetaТrader 4 that withdraws fees from accounts by separate balance operations for each inactivity interval. If the account had no orders (including balance and credit operations) for the specified inactivity interval in the past, it will be charged with the set amount of commission.
  • detecting inactive clients
  • charging commission for inactivity
Delay Swap Charger is a plugin that helps brokers create a flexible schedule of swaps. It fulfills the following tasks:
  • automated swaps charging for overnight positions*
  • enables to set the time intervals for swap charging**

*An overnight position is a position that remains open at the time set in End of day time parameter.

**For example, if the set interval is 2 days, the plugin will charge the swaps each 2nd time of End of Day time reaching by the position.

Margin Updater is an application for МetaТrader 5 that modifies margin requirements for all necessary symbols. The product is launched via Windows Scheduler, thus, it is fully automated and systematic which saves a lot of time. Essentially, the product changes the value of two margin requirements:
  • Initial Margin – minimum amount that must be available on the account at entering the market
  • Maintenance Margin – minimum amount that must be available on the account to keep positions open
Dividend plugin is a solution for МetaТrader 4 that allows dividends distribution between traders. This product:
  • calculates dividends in amounts according to the configuration
  • enables configuration of dividends distribution at the specified time points
  • performs balance operations of dividends deposit/withdrawal
Sharia Account plugin is a product designed for brokers who work in regions with Swap-Free Account policy. It withdraws fee for each position opened over the specified time intervals permanently and allows setting personalized comments for this operation.
Profit Share Application is a solution made of two components:
  • Server application – receives POST requests from the Client application, calculates the commission, and transfers it to the incentive account in accordance with the received requests
  • Client application – sends POST requests to the Server application

The product is a must-have for brokers willing to automate commission charging from traders who use copying solutions.

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