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Risk management solutions limiting risks of clients and brokers. Automation of routine dealing operations. Using our solutions will save your money and human resources.

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EOD closure is a risk management tool that closes all positions/orders of the processed accounts at the set time and enables to:
  • specify accounts and groups
  • set symbols and securities
  • close pending orders (optionally)

This product is especially efficient if used in combination with our product Timed Trade Disabler. You may enable both of them, for example, one hour before the market close, so that the EOD closure plugin closes the positions, and the Timed Trade Disabler does not allow the opening of new ones for the specified period of time. This way, you can prevent your business from traders willing to take advantage of the high volatility of the market and secure your funds.

Price Feed Analyser is a solution that:
  • monitors and compares price feeds from MT4/MT5 client terminals with price feeds from MT4/MT5 platforms connected via Manager API
  • stops trading on a symbol if the current MT platform rate goes out of range for the set number of times, and resumes trading when the rates stabilize.

This way, the product considerably reduces your risks, especially during periods of high volatility.

Account Blocker is a tool designed to block the users that have exceeded the number of failed attempts to open an order due to insufficient equity within the specified time interval. The product prevents the broker's server from possible overloading caused by Expert Advisor trying to open a trade when the trader does not have sufficient funds.

For example, if a trader is sending more than 4 requests for order opening per second while having not sufficient equity, the plugin blocks such trader.

Order Timing is a plugin that helps brokers secure their server from activity with enormously quick orders. The product disables the orders closing for a certain period after the opening. Such a period can be set:
  • Globally
  • Individually for groups
  • Individually for accounts

The plugin is very efficient, easy to set up, and use.

Trade Limiter is a plugin that allows to limit the amount of volume (in lots) for:
  • all open orders of a trading account in total
  • one order
  • accordingly updating the swap values in MT5
You can set as many rules of volume limiting as you need for:
  • one or several groups
  • one or several accounts
  • different securities and symbols
Leverage Changer is a plugin that modifies the account’s leverage depending on the level of balance or equity. This way, the plugin helps brokers to:
  • control risks, especially for deals with large volumes
  • manage profits of their clients and prevent them from losses
  • automate the considerable dealing task and thus save time and money
Stopout plugin is a solution that prevents traders from significant losses during periods of high volatility on the market.
  • closes all orders on that account
  • makes the account a 'Read-only' one

The product helps brokers avoid risks or client's losses.

Platform: МetaТrader 4, МetaТrader 5
Dynamic Leverage Changer is a plugin that changes the margin rate of the positions and dynamically modifies the leverage of accounts on which the positions are opened.
  • Two formulas of margin calculation: Forex and CFD-leverage
  • Dynamic changing of symbols configuration
Platform: МetaТrader 4, МetaТrader 5
Leverage Controller Application is an application that enables brokers to avoid risks connected with orders opened with big volumes. The product has the following features:
  • Changes leverage of an account once the account's Equity reaches the value specified in the configuration
Platform: МetaТrader 4, МetaТrader 5
Limited Risk Account is a plugin that restricts opening orders with no Stop Loss level or calculates and sets Stop Loss automatically. After the trade opening, traders can only change the set Stop Loss towards risks decreasing. Thus, the loss can only be smaller than set by the trader.

The solution helps brokers to:

  • Protect clients from losses
  • Automate Stop Loss calculation
  • Comply with regulatory requirements

Due to the European regulation requirements, plugin is recommended for brokers who want to reduce risks and remain up-to-date.

Platform: МetaТrader 4
MNSO is a plugin that notifies traders on three types of margin level: Margin Call, Pre-Stop-Out, and Stop-Out. It also closes by the positions of stopped out accounts.
  • monitor and control the clients' margin levels
  • stay updated on the current condition of trading accounts
  • inform the traders on reaching certain margin levels in time
Platform: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Quotes Watcher is a plugin that protects brokers from consequences of possible quote timeouts. It monitors quotes for each symbol and disables trading if prices are not updated for the time period specified in the configuration.
  • flexible configuration (an option to set an individual timeout for each instrument)
  • prevention from any prohibited activities on inactive symbols
  • reliable email notifications on timed out instruments
Platform: MetaTrader 4
Manager Bonus is an application that helps broker control usage of bonus credits and removes credit when:
  • balance is less than credit
  • balance is less than zero
  • equity is equal to Stop Out level
  • equity is less than credit

Additionally, the product allows to:

  • get email notifications if the level of credit-free Margin reaches Margin Call
  • add the bonus to motivate the traders
  • restore the negative balance back to zero
Platform: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Negative Balance Protection is a plugin for МetaТrader 4 that prevents the broker from consequences of situations when the trader’s balance drops below zero by
  • returning the account’s negative balance to zero
  • withdrawing all credit facility from that account
Platform: MetaTrader 4
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