Broker wish list: 3 things every brokerage needs

Author: Ivan Egorov

Today, we want to talk about things that brokers want and need – the three solutions on most brokerages’ wish lists.

#1 A liquidity bridge that is actually reliable and powerful

In our era of trends and virality, the basics that lay the foundation for everything else tend to be overlooked. One of the prime examples of such behaviour, both from vendors and brokers, is the focus on extraordinary functionality that is shiny and sounds impressive.

And don’t get us wrong – wanting those extra tools and features is perfectly fine. In fact, at TFB, we provide many of them, such as synthetic instruments to create unique currency pairs and over-the-weekend trading to attract people who can’t trade during traditional business hours.

But still, you can’t really operate with excellence unless you have a solid base covered. That’s why at TFB, the Trade Processor liquidity bridge is built to be robust, reliable, and fault-tolerant from the solution’s architecture up. And only then comes the rest of the functionality. All the coolest tricks in the world would mean nothing if your bridge fails or freezes mid-session. That’s why, although it seems to be a very basic wish, a reliable and powerful liquidity bridge is often the number one item on a broker’s wish list.

#2 Powerful risk management

If there is one thing that brokers truly wish for, it would be to have a comprehensive risk management system that covers all of the risks that the financial industry keeps throwing at them.

But what does comprehensive risk management mean? The way we see it at TFB, it covers as many processes and stages of the trading process as possible

  • The Trade Processor bridge is built to be reliable and handle large volumes without freezes.
  • The built-in backup LP feature means that if your primary LP goes down, trading automatically switches to the secondary LP, and no client will be affected.
  • A/B-book switch on the fly will help protect traders and yourself during high-volatility periods.
  • Whatever is not included in the liquidity bridge is available via plugins and apps, such as Dynamic Leverage Changer, StopOut plugin, and Swap Changer, that automate certain operations and help keep the brokerage under control.

#3 Quick switch for different market conditions

Wouldn’t it be nice if brokers could just click a button and be totally prepared for whatever the market has to offer? For example, if you could anticipate a high-volatility situation.

Many brokers voice such desires without realising it’s already available. If you’re a Trade Processor bridge client, you can use execution profiles right now. An execution profile is something you can set up and activate instantly when required.

Next time important news is about to break, you can switch on the “volatility” period and keep yourself protected. And when volatility is predictable – schedule an automatic switch between the execution profiles and sleep tight.

Profiles include, for example:

  • Routing and aggregation rules
  • Markups
  • Spreads
  • Toxic trading protection algorithms

And just like that, with execution profiles, you save time, reduce risks, and maintain efficient operations.

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