The Top 5 TFB products in Asia

Author: Han Ong

Over the many years that Tools for Brokers has operated in Asia, we have gathered unique insight into the requirements and preferences of our local clients and partners.

Today, we’d like to share with you the top five TFB solutions that our Asian clients enjoy the most. Here they are.

#1 Trade Processor

The Trade Processor (TP) liquidity bridge is our flagship product and is often the first solution that clients install from TFB. The bridge is multi-platform and supports MetaTrader, cTrader, and Match-Trader.

Besides that, TP offers advanced aggregation with private pools, top-notch route filtering, powerful A/B-book risk management tools, and reporting integration for brokers who need to comply with regulations. Asian brokers are particularly fond of continuous execution, which enables them to handle large orders with more preferable pricing by dropping them down into smaller chunks and executing them over time.

#2 Copy Trading plugin

The Copy Trading plugin is a successor of the TFB classic with upgrades to functionality and an intuitive user interface. The main feature of the solution is trade copying from Source account(s) to Target account(s). The plugin also allows its users to have multiple Source-Target coherences simultaneously.

It is valued for its powerful performance partnered with the simplicity of use. With the plugin, brokers can choose among multiple copying modes:

  • By equity
  • By balance
  • By free margin
  • With certain lots
  • With a certain multiplier

Naturally, the Copy Trading plugin is compatible with the TFB ToolBox.


TFB PAMM is another money management solution that made it to the list along with the Copy Trading plugin. Yet, unlike the plugin, it serves a much broader purpose. It helps Asian brokers attract new target audiences – Investors with limited trading experience and Money Managers who have a comprehensive understanding of the market and are willing to trade others’ funds for a commission.

Among other things, TFB PAMM is praised for its intuitive design and many perks for Admins, such as a portal where all incoming requests from Investors and Money Managers are stored and can be dealt with in a convenient and straightforward manner.

#4 Credit Management

The Credit Management application combines the functionality of two popular TFB products – Bonus to Balance and Manager Bonus, and goes beyond that with flexible credit deposit and balance transfer campaigns. The application is also compatible with the TFB Toolbox and does a lot of automated monitoring on behalf of brokers, helping save their time for other important tasks.

Credit Management monitors:

  • Equity value
  • Free margin value
  • Balance of users

Once the specified credit limit is reached, the system automatically withdraws the assessed credit to prevent further loss. Besides credit removals, the application can:

  • Deposit the credit
  • Transfer credit to balance
  • Restore the balance
  • Send email notifications with operations updates

#5 Leverage Changer

The Leverage Changer plugin analyses the account’s leverage and modifies it based on the level of:

  • Balance
  • Equity
  • Balance and credit

The main goals of the solution are to control risks, especially when traders are dealing with large volumes, and manage clients’ profits and prevent them from losses. By automating the process, the plugin releases brokers from having to invest hours into manual monitoring and management and prevents human errors.

Final thoughts

These were the top five TFB solutions that are favourites among our clients in Asian countries. Naturally, if we look at local markets individually, they will sometimes have their own champions too. Yet, the five products we discussed today are the absolute winners of brokers’ hearts.

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