Must have solutions for Asian brokers

Author: Sergey Gruzin

Tools for Brokers works with many clients and partners in the APAC region, and recently, we’ve taken the time to sit down and analyse what TFB solutions are most popular and in demand by our clients there.

As a result, we’ve identified six key solutions that brokers in Asia swear by.

TFB White Label (WL)

TFB WL for MT4 and MT5 is an advanced solution that gives clients easy access to over 60 liquidity providers. It offers multiple asset classes, over-the-weekend trading, flexible settings, and additional services, such as company formation.

The Asian market is developing fast, and many players are looking for reliable platform providers who could help them grow in a sustainable manner.

Many companies now realise that running a main label is not crucial for business and a White Label service allows them to reach the same results at a fraction of the cost, plus it removes the burden of dealing with the technical side of things. Instead, brokers can focus on business development and marketing.

The TFB WL service comes with premium 24/7 support as well as the signature TFB ecosystem, providing a complete set of solutions needed to run a robust and competitive brokerage. The TFB knowledge base and network of partners make the TFB WL a real turnkey solution, so there is no need to look for anything else.


TFB PAMM is a money management solution that allows brokers to attract new Investors who are either not ready to take the risk of independent trading or do not wish to dedicate their free time to trading while still wanting to participate in the process.

TFB PAMM is also a great way to diversify a broker’s portfolio and retain existing traders by providing them with new services.

TFB PAMM offers Investors a selection of Money Managers who trade their personal funds along with those of Investors in return for a percentage of the profits made.

Leverage Changer

The Leverage Changer plugin provides both risk management and automation to many Asian brokers.

The plugin changes the margin rate of the positions and dynamically modifies the leverage of accounts with opened positions. The Leverage Changer uses two formulas of margin calculation - Forex and CFD leverage - and is used for netting and hedging position systems.

Trade Processor

Trade Processor liquidity bridge offers a vast feature set with advanced aggregation settings, private aggregation pools, smart route filtering, A/B-book risk management, and so much more.

TFB clients in Asia particularly appreciate continuous execution that executes large orders over a period of time, dropping them into smaller ones to ensure the best pricing.

Copy Trading Plugin MT5

Some Asian markets are among the fastest growing in terms of new traders and investors joining the market. Naturally, it means that many inexperienced players join and require solutions that would help them get the ball rolling with lower risks and with some assistance.

Copy Trading Plugin MT5 does just that. The plugin allows copying from one account to another one or multiple accounts, cross-symbol copying, and copying in the reserved direction.

There are multiple copying modes available, including:

  • By equity
  • By balance
  • By free margin
  • With certain lots
  • With a certain multiplier

Hosting by TFB

This last one is more a service than a solution, but it is nonetheless among the top requests by TFB clients in APAC.

TFB solutions can be hosted on the client’s site or hosted by us. Having your environment hosted means giving up control to a certain degree. However, hosting offers many benefits, such as reduced maintenance costs, access to more powerful equipment, and peace of mind knowing that your environment is managed by professionals.

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