Must-have solutions for MENA brokers

We have already discussed must-have solutions for Asian brokers and brokerages in South Africa and Latin America, and now we’d like to do the same for the MENA region.

Tools for Brokers works with clients all over the world, and we are forever fascinated by the local differences and preferences of our clients. In this article, we hope to uncover new TFB solutions that will enhance your brokerage operations and shed some light on what successful brokers in MENA find most helpful in their day-to-day operations.

Without further ado, here are the top products that MENA brokers use and enjoy every day.

Trade Processor (TP)

Trade Processor is TFB's flagship liquidity bridge solution. Being the central part of the product’s ecosystem, it is no surprise that TP is among the company’s most valued and recognised solutions.

Among the features MENA brokers use the most are the A/B risk tool to switch trades between books manually or automatically and the volume converter that allows brokers to hedge micro and mini instruments on the liquidity provider even if it only offers standard lot size instruments. Additionally, local brokers use a variety of aggregation methods that can help minimise margin on the LP side and reduce swap costs.

Copy Trading plugin MT5 (Copy5)

The Copy Trading Plugin MT5 (formerly known as the Group Exact Copier) is a plugin that copies trades from multiple source accounts to single or multiple target accounts.

The Copy Trading plugin allows brokers to set different copying conditions (such as by equity or percentage) and can even copy in the reverse direction. Brokers can choose when and what is copied, giving them more control over what’s happening.

Swap Free solution

The Swap Free application is a must-have solution for brokers operating in Sharia countries as it allows them to substitute standard swaps with other fee types which are not prohibited by law in these regions.

The application allows brokers to set when the first fee should be applied and how it should be charged in the future. What's important is that there is an opportunity to set various fee values for both long and short directions.

Final thoughts

These are the top three TFB solutions that our MENA clients choose most for their brokerages. Besides the ones mentioned above, we offer a wide variety of products that enhance and improve brokers’ operations and performance. If you are looking for solutions for your unique needs, reach out to us at, and we will be happy to help you find the tools that will get you ahead.

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