Must-have solutions for MENA brokers

A few weeks ago, we discussed must-have solutions for brokers in Asian markets. This week, we are doing the same but for the MENA region.

TFB works with clients from all over the world, and we are fascinated by the local differences and preferences of our clients. We hope this article will help you uncover new TFB solutions that will enhance your brokerage or shed some light on what brokers in MENA find most helpful in their day-to-day operations.

Here are the top products that MENA brokers use and enjoy.

Trade Processor (TP)

Trade Processor is the flagship liquidity bridge solution at TFB. Being the central part of the product’s ecosystem, it is no surprise that TP is among the company’s most valued and recognised solutions.

Among the features that MENA brokers use the most are the variety of aggregation methods that help achieve the best pricing for different scenarios and the FIX API for integration with third-party tools.


TFB PAMM, or the percentage allocation management module, is popular among MENA brokers as it allows beginner traders (Investors) to follow experienced traders (Money Managers), review their statistics and performance, and allocate money to those Money Managers (MMs). MMs, in turn, trade their own funds and the funds of Investors, sharing the profit with the latter.

In the region where many individuals are only considering investing and trading, having a tool that allows them to reduce risks and rely on experienced peers means more clients and higher trading volumes.

Copy Trading Plugin MT5 (Copy5)

The Copy Trading Plugin MT5 (formerly known as the Group Exact Copier) is a plugin that copies trades from multiple source accounts to single or multiple target accounts.

One can say that copy trading is an alternative to the PAMM solutions, but we see them as complementing one another. The Copy Trading plugin allows traders to set different copying conditions (such as by equity or in percentage) and even copy in the reverse direction. So, with PAMM, Investors entrust their funds to the Money Managers, but with copy trading, they get to choose when and what is copied, staying more in control of what’s going on.

Sharia plugin

Naturally, the Sharia plugin is among the top products used in MENA.

Designed for regions with a Swap-Free Account policy, the Sharia plugin permanently withdraws the fee for each position opened in a specified time period and allows personalised comments to be set.

Credit management

The Credit Management application offers flexible campaigns for credit deposit and transfer to balance.

Additionally, the application monitors:

  • Value of equity
  • Value of free margin
  • Value of user balance

When values reach a specified limit, the application can send a notification and withdraw the credit and, subsequently, protect the traders.


The MLAC, or multi-level agent commission, application creates hierarchical rebate structures using only MetaTrader Manager. With MLAC, there is no limit on the number of levels that are created per structure.

MLAC is White-Label friendly and supports multiple rebate types, including: pips, percentage from spread, or amount of specific currency.

The application is easy to set up and navigate, and it allows both brokers and traders to benefit from extensive networks of individual traders and their word-of-mouth recommendations.


The Web API application integrates the MetaTrader platform with third-party systems, such as a website or CRM. With Web API, the MetaTrader server can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

For brokers on the go, who are always in client meetings, being able to create accounts and perform balance operations anywhere is a lifesaver.

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