New TFB tools digest: what you might have missed

Author: Ivan Egorov

Welcome to this week’s blog, where we will share the latest releases and updates that have happened at TFB. We are constantly working on making our solutions more powerful, and we’d like to list them here for you in case you have missed some of the recent updates.

All our solutions are created with the client in mind, so the purpose of the changes is to make the broker’s and trader’s life easier and working with technology more straightforward.

Improvements in Trade Processor (TP)

Trade Processor liquidity bridge is the core of the TFB ecosystem. It is also one of the key solutions for brokers. The industry is ever-changing, and we make sure that TP keeps up with the trends. That’s why liquidity bridge is currently undergoing a significant update on the backend to meet the latest requirements and provide the best performance possible.

Here are the main enhancements that you will notice in the interface:

  • We have added an export/import option for execution and feed settings. It allows brokers to create different settings profiles and import them into TP with a few clicks. Additionally, the export feature can be utilised to create a settings backup.
  • Brokers can now switch positions between Liquidity Providers for multiple symbols simultaneously, which was previously only available for one symbol at a time.
  • It is now possible to search the routing rules for order execution by login, instrument, and order direction.
  • On the Trading History page, brokers can select a filter to view data in lots or currencies, depending on their preference.
  • There are more parameters in the LP Performance section for deeper and more detailed analytics.
  • Brokers are able to hedge the volumes on the Liquidity if these volumes exceed the pre-defined thresholds on B-book.
  • We have added three new LP connections: Binance, Okex, and TriPeak.

Introducing WeekendFX

In response to a constantly increasing demand, we designed an add-on application for Weekend FX liquidity from LMAX Global that offers 24/7 trading. The solution has multiple benefits to brokers, such as reaching clients who cannot trade during standard market hours, higher volumes, and diversification of services for better risk management. Weekend trading is currently available for selected currency pairs only.

Group Setting Setter for White Label

Group Setting Setter is a console for White Label (WL) brokers that allows them to monitor and change various settings on their own. Previously, WL brokers had to request adjustments to the TFB support team. With the new tool, brokers can apply the changes whenever they want, reducing the time it takes to execute new strategies. It is an important step towards giving WL partners more autonomy. The console is available to all White Label brokers at no extra fee.

New features in TFB PAMM

TFB PAMM is a new generation asset management system that operates on a principle of percentage profit distribution. It is enterprise-ready, and we are now focusing on minor changes that can bring the user experience to the next level:

  • We introduced ‘private’ status to Money Managers (MMs) as we recognise that some MMs prefer to work with a limited number of Investors. If the MM is private, Investors have to submit a request to be assigned to this MM.
  • There is now a bio section for MMs where they can share information about their background and experience. It will help MMs attract more Investors, and Investors will be able to make an informed decision on whom they will work with.
  • We added an option to set Stop Loss/Take Profit targets in the percentage of the total investment. Previously, it could only be set in currency. With the new setting, Investors will avoid automatic disconnections from MM if the deposited amount is changed. Once they have made a new deposit or withdrawn part of the deposit, the system automatically recalculates the SL/TP parameters.

New solution: Price Feed Analyser

Price Feed Analyser enhances the trading process and helps brokers manage their risks. The solution provides rate comparison and makes sure traders get the best pricing. It also enables brokers to set the price range and limit trading once the price exceeds this range. Once the rate goes back within the selected threshold, trading is automatically resumed.

New solution: Exact Copier API

Exact Copier API helps brokers attract Investors with limited experience or who would like to try alternative strategies. The plugin copies trades from the Source account to the Target account or group. Brokers can edit the plugin’s general settings, copying modes, and symbol translation rules. The solution can be integrated with third-party systems for easier management.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the TFB solutions, please feel free to email us at for more details.

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