Trade Processor features you might have missed

Author: Ivan Egorov

Trade Processor is a very feature-rich liquidity bridge, so there is a good chance that you are not fully using the available functionality.

In today’s article, we’d like to remind you about some of the features every Trade Processor client has, but may have forgotten about or missed.

Execution Profiles

With Trade Processor, you can set up different execution profiles for various market conditions and switch between them with a single click or even automatically by schedule.

You can create a separate “high-volatility” profile to adjust spreads during important news or economic events. For example, you can pre-schedule the bridge to turn on the high volatility mode on each Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report release.

Execution profiles include routing and aggregation rules, markups, spreads, toxic trading protection algorithms, and other important settings.

If you are a White Label provider or a Prime Broker, you can create profiles to group execution by brands to simplify your bridge configuration.

Volume Converter

This next feature would be especially useful for brokers who offer mini/micro instruments not supported by most liquidity providers.

For example, if your liquidity provider doesn’t support micro lots, the Volume Converter feature will accumulate micro volumes and send them to liquidity once the accumulated volume reaches the minimum contract size supported by your LP.

Thus, there is no longer the issue of hedging your mini- and micro-volumes if you have the Trade Processor liquidity bridge with the Volume Converter feature.

Exposure Limit

Exposure Limit is another feature that can often be overlooked, despite it being a great risk management tool. Using this feature, brokers can automate and improve the management of exposure by instrument. To do this, set thresholds for the volumes, and once they’re exceeded, the system will hedge these volumes on the liquidity side.

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