Trade Processor: Five favourite features of our clients

Author: Alexey Kutsenko

The Trade Processor (TP) liquidity bridge is a comprehensive, robust solution that many TFB clients find ideal for their needs.

Every customer is unique and has their own requirements; that is why an extensive list of features included in the bridge is so helpful and important. Still, despite having different business models and focusing on various aspects of trading, many brokers and hedge funds share their preferences regarding their favourite TP functionality.

And today, we thought, why not share the list of TP features that have received the most praise recently.

#1 Synthetic instruments

One of the latest features that was released, synthetic instruments, allows the creation of new instruments that would not be available to brokers otherwise. For example, brokers can create a USDEUR pair and offer it in addition to the standard EURUSD currency pair.

This is an easy and zero-cost way for existing TP clients to expand their offering and stand out from the competition.

#2 Continuous execution

Continuous execution is a feature that allows users to:

  • Set a threshold on the order size.
  • Split all orders above a predefined size into smaller ones.
  • Execute parts of the order over a period of time.

Why is this feature so popular? Larger orders are harder to execute with the best pricing. There might just not be enough liquidity on the market when the order is placed. So, instead of losing potential profit, the broker gets to split the order and execute it with more favourable pricing. Once the last part of the order is executed, they are merged back into one order, and the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is calculated.

Such an execution route takes more time but guarantees better pricing for the trader in most cases.

#3 Individual pool of liquidity providers

Tools for Brokers partners with many reliable liquidity providers (LPs) to ensure clients can consistently execute the orders with the most preferable pricing.

The list of LPs is constantly reviewed, with new partners being added after careful consideration.

The appealing feature here is that you are creating your private pool, so you are free to match any type with an LP and choose the best aggregation mode to ensure the highest quality of pricing.

#4 Built-in analytics

Not every business can afford to work with separate data monitoring and analytics solutions. Sometimes it’s the time constraint or the limited budget.

To address that, the TFB team has included some analytics and statistics in the Trade Processor interface. That way, data on distribution and trading is available through a single console that the broker or hedge fund is already using.

Clients can view extensive statistics on orders, accounts, and more, all in a business view that doesn’t require them to learn how to use the dashboards and graphs.

#5 Order aggregation

Order aggregation is among the most appreciated features by so many TP customers because it’s powerful and intelligent.

Trade Processor includes six different types of aggregation, each offering better execution for different scenarios. Such variety allows the best pricing possible to be secured, keeping the traders happy and business booming.

TFB has also developed a unique aggregation method called Multibook Except Close that helps brokers and hedge funds deal with open orders. It tracks all order-related details (for example, where the order was opened) and executes the order with the same LP where it was initially placed.

Not a feature, but another thing that we keep on hearing is that the user interface in Trade Processor is truly intuitive and easy to work with. We are very proud of such feedback because making technology accessible and fun to use for everyone is one of our goals as a company.

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