Must-have solutions for brokers in South Africa and Latin America

Author: Ivan Egorov

Last year, we did a digest of the top TFB solutions that brokers in the Asian and MENA markets use. This time, we would like to talk about two other significant regions – South Africa and Latin America.

Tools for Brokers operates globally, and one of the benefits of working with clients worldwide is seeing the differences in business approaches. One of the best ways to spot those differences is by understanding what local brokerages use in their day-to-day operations to make their traders happy.

Top solutions for brokers in Latin America

Here are the top four TFB solutions among clients in LATAM. We will briefly go over what each of them does.

Trade Processor

Trade Processor (TP) is TFB’s flagship bridging solution that connects brokers to multiple liquidity providers. It is White Label-friendly and multiplatform. TP currently supports MetaTrader 4 and 5, cTrader, and Match-Trader. It also includes a FIX API platform that makes integrating any third-party solution quick and easy.

The bridge gives brokers access to a curated pool of LPs, advanced risk management tools, and provides their traders with the fastest possible execution. The built-in reporting and monitoring ensures the trading process runs smoothly.


TFB PAMM offers an enhanced asset management system that operates on the principle of percentage profit distribution. It helps brokers manage their risks by providing additional services and attracting potential clients with different expertise levels. It also simultaneously helps boost trade volumes and creates a more secure and stable environment for brokers, no matter the external circumstances.

White Label

TFB White Label is a multiplatform solution that helps aspiring brokers kick start the process with minimal wait and complications. The White Label (WL) offer includes a range of instruments and solutions that help provide the best service to clients while keeping the costs at a reasonable level.

That offers a wide variety of instruments and software solutions for brokers to launch a business with minimal investment while providing clients with enterprise-level experience from day one. Our White Label offers a flawless workflow and custom approach through flexible settings, multiple asset classes, and over-the-weekend trading.

Copy Trading (COPY5) plugin

The Copy Trading plugin is an essential solution for every brokerage company that needs to copy trades between multiple accounts/groups with various copying options, such as:

  • Inverse copying (e.g., Buy => Sell)
  • Proportionally to Balance/Equity
  • Fixed volume in lots
  • Multipliers

Also, this solution would be helpful for prime brokers who need to aggregate trades from multiple accounts under one omnibus account.

Top solutions for brokers in South Africa

Among South African clients, we’ve identified the two key solutions besides Trade Processor that local brokers enjoy taking advantage of.

Credit Management

The Credit Management application provides flexible campaigns to fund and motivate clients to trade more, gaining trading volumes with the help of credits. At the same time, the solution protects brokers to ensure traders will not lose more than they deposited.

StopOut plugin

The StopOut plugin helps brokers protect traders during high volatility periods. When the market is going sharply up and down, traders risk incurring significant losses. The plugin allows users to specify the trailing Stop Out based on the maximum equity of the day to protect traders’ funds better than the standard Stop Out functionality.

Final thoughts

Naturally, every brokerage is different, and the list of must-have tools can vary across regions and countries. The solutions listed in this article are based on the experience of TFB clients, so if you are based in South Africa or one of the LATAM countries and you feel that they don’t cover your needs, check out the TFB product catalogue or reach out to us at, and we will help you build an environment that elevates and empowers your brokerage.

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